Mario Lopez needed seven years to confess the reasons behind the annulment of his first marriage

Mario Lopez’ first marriage lasted two weeks. After a quick annulment, it took him seven years to confess the reasons behind the split, but he’s not known to have apologized to ex Ali Landry.

Divorce annulled in 2004

Seven years after his first marriage was annulled, Mario Lopez confessed that he hadn’t been ready to get married yet. He was 30 when he walked down the aisle with Ali Landry. And he knew even then that he wasn’t in love with his wife-to-be.

Ali Landry-Mario Lopez's first wife

He had fully realized that he really shouldn’t be marrying her when he made out with a complete stranger at his bachelor party a few days prior to the wedding. But he said ‘I do’ at the altar anyway.

Mario said that after dating Ali for six years already, the expectation was that he would either marry her or break up with her. Given that he’s been brought up strictly catholic, there also seems to have been a certain urge to follow tradition.

But he had also been quite the ladies’ man and even Ali, his fiancée, said that she had heard rumours of him and other women. A friend advised her to tap his phone, which she apparently really did and a few days after their wedding she found out that Mario was getting calls from a female stranger.

Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez say cheese

Later Mario realized that he should have pulled the plug on the wedding. But he had believed that he had simply had cold feet and that Ali was a good person and would be a good mother. Love didn’t seem to have entered his considerations. Ali on the other hand was also unsure of marrying him, but since her whole family had flown in and everything was set and ready, she was just as reluctant to pull the plug.

If there ever was a breakdown of communication in a relationship, this is a prime example. Had the two talked to each other, they could have avoided a lot of heartache and embarrassment.

When the news of their annulment made the rounds, Mario’s alleged cheating was cited as the reason. At the very least pictures had emerged of him canoodling with a woman at his bachelor party and Ali confronted him accordingly.

We can assume that the reason cited for the annulment was ‘fraud’, which is the reason generally chosen in such cases.

Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez snapped at an event

According to Ali, Mario never apologized to her and he didn’t really say much to the contrary. In 2011 he confessed to having cheated on Ali with this stranger at that party a few days prior to the wedding in an interview with Howard Stern. Mario only really admitted to having made out with the girl, not that things went any further. He called himself immature. He never confirmed that he had cheated on his wife-to-be before that incident, however. But he did admit that he’d been with a lot of women since a fairly young age.

It’s not entirely clear whether Ali has truly forgiven Mario, but she moved on a lot faster than he did. She remarried in 2008 and this time quite happily. She is still married to the father of her three children.

Mario on the other hand found love in Courtney Mazza, whom he met in 2008 and married in 2012, two years after their daughter was born. Their son followed in 2013 and Mario is hoping for more kids.

In the end Ali and Mario simply didn’t belong together and they’re happier now than they were when they were together. It’s just a shame that this marriage remains as an unnecessary blemish on their shared past.


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Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez at an event

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