Marie Osmond remarried Stephen Craig even though their first marriage was a disaster

Marie Osmond has been divorced twice and married three times. She remarried her first husband after a 25-year break even though their first split was pretty acrimonious. Divorce finalized in 2007

Marie Osmond was first married in June 1982. Her husband was Stephen Craig, then 25 years old. Marie was only 22, but already a huge deal and famous enough to have a wedding reception that apparently included 4,500 guests. Perhaps that number is exaggerated or perhaps someone mistakenly added a zero at the end, but it seems that it was a big deal either way.

Stephen Craig and Marie Osmond wedding

All the more surprising is the fact that the marriage wasn’t a happy one. Marie accused Stephen of being emotionally abusive and cruel, causing her “great mental distress”. She actually left him twice during the three years they were married, but took him back both times. Finally she filed for divorce in May 1985. At the time the two had already been separated for six months.

The divorce was finalized in October 1985 and Marie was given primary custody of their only son Stephen.

Only a year later she married Brian Blosil.

Marie and Brian had two biological children and adopted another five, raising a total of eight children together.

Stephen Craig and Marie Osmond remarriage pic

The two were married for 20 years before their relationship finally broke apart. It’s not actually clear what ended their marriage, however. A biography of Marie alleges that Brian was abusive. Whilst that biography is undoubtedly unauthorized, one has to wonder where the cited information came from.

There are quite a few allegations of Brian’s cruelty, jealousy and abusiveness. It doesn’t seem as if Marie ever officially commented on those allegations, but commenting on their impending divorce the two only said that they were separating amicably and would remain dedicated parents to their children.

The divorce was finalized later in 2007 and there was no further mention of any issues between Marie and Brian.

In 2009 then Marie began dating her first husband Stephen again. They kept their relationship secret for quite some time and eventually walked down the aisle again in May 2011.

They are still going strong, which means their second marriage is most certainly more successful than their first was. Marie said she couldn’t be happier and whilst she was surprised to fall in love with her first husband once more, she also said she would never love another man more than she loved him.

Curiously enough, however, they celebrate their first wedding date as their anniversary. Given how that first marriage ended, it seems just a little bit odd. But as long as the two are happy, who is to judge?


Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig say cheese

Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig at an Awards