Mariah Carey is about to divorce husband Nick Cannon – Will they keep it civil?

The married after only six weeks of being together. Six years into their marriage it is revealed that they have been separated for some time and are set to divorce.

They married in 2008 only six week after having first met. There was no announcement or engagement anyone knew of. All of a sudden Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were husband and wife.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey pose for a photoshoot

Mariah had been married to Tommy Mottola from 1993 to 98 and it took her a full decade to find somebody else to marry again. Clearly it must have been love for Mariah and Nick. And the marriage did last six years and produced two children, twins Monroe and Moroccan.

But many doubted that the beautiful, though unlikely, couple would last. It seems they were right and it is certainly a shame. In August it was confirmed that the two had been separated for a few months and it was quickly reported that the divorce was a done deal. But not much else has officially happened since then. A whole lot of rumors and conflicting reports have made it to the news, however.

The only thing we do know for sure is Nick speaking publicly about five famous hook-ups on a radio show back in March. Apart from Mariah, he did name four other celebrities, one of them was Kim Kardashian. It is unclear what possessed him to answer this question on a radio show. One would like to chalk it up to immature bragging. It definitely wasn’t a wise move and Mariah was certainly not happy either. It was shortly thereafter that the pair moved into separate houses, only reuniting for Mother’s and Father’s Day for the sake of their children.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey-a happy family!

Recently it was reported that Mariah Carey put a gag order on Nick Cannon to prevent him from talking about their relationship or their impending divorce. Given how much of a diva Mariah can be, this does not sound entirely unlikely.

Nick meanwhile went on a Twitter rant professing his love and support for Mariah, including praising her as a mother, but also asking for privacy in this difficult time.

Elsewhere it is reported that the yet-to-be-divorced couple is gearing up for an epic battle, which apparently includes Nick seeking full custody of the twins, because Mariah may not be a stable mother, more preoccupied with her career and her looks than looking after the children. That includes constantly hiring new nannies for the children, and firing them when she feels the kids grow too close to them. That is something that Mariah herself has confirmed in the past, but could now be counted against her.

On the other hand Nick stands accused of being a cheater, something he has yet to properly deny. Additionally Mariah is also allegedly not entirely innocent. Of course, we’re mostly hearing from “sources” close to one or both of them, but never from the horse’s mouth. Official statements have been rather rare and will likely continue to be.

Whatever the truth, the rumors are certainly messy.Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon look great together

Nick recently went on record saying that he is currently mostly focused on his career and his children; dating was not on his mind whatsoever. Considering that he is busier than ever with his career, he would likely not have much time besides being a father and working anyway. He was also the one saying that the twins are coping with the separation as well as can be expected. It is unlikely that the children have much of an understanding of what is going on at this point. As they grow older they will learn more about it, and it is entirely up to Mariah and Nick to protect them as best as they can.

It’s incredibly difficult to separate facts from fiction at this point in their divorce, which has yet to be officially filed as it is. Given their respective celebrity status and the publicity accompanied by that kind of lifestyle, it won’t be easy for Mariah and Nick to keep things private. Despite all the rumors, one can only hope that they will keep it civil for the sake of their children.

But feelings were hurt and especially Mariah doesn’t seem to be coping very well. Unfortunately that often results in lashing out and retaliation of some kind. One would hope that Mariah has more grace than that and that Nick will keep his promise of being a good father, who also publicly tweeted that he is infuriated by people slandering Mariah.

No doubt we will know more before long.


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