Marcia Gay Harden divorced her cheating husband four years ago and is happily single now

When Marcia Gay Harden’s divorce from husband Thaddeus Scheel was announced, it was a brief statement that left no clue as to the reasons. Later we learned that he cheated on her, perhaps for years. Divorce finalized in 2012

Marcia Gay Harden met and married Thaddeus Scheel in 1996. He was working behind the scenes on her movie The Spit Fire Grill. The pair must have fallen in love Thaddeus Scheelvery quickly to marry that same year. Whirlwind romances rarely last long, unless they last forever. But for Marcia and Thaddeus it lasted long enough to believe that this could be it. The marriage seemed to be a happy one.

Marcia Gay Harden and Thaddaeus Scheel

Their daughter Eulala was born in 1998 and in 2004 Marcia gave birth to the couple’s twins Hudson and Julitta. In January that same year, whilst Marcia was still pregnant, news emerged that her niece and nephew and their mother, her ex sister-in-law, had died in an apartment fire. Marcia’s brothers, whose name incidentally is also Thaddeus was heartbroken over the loss and so was Marcia, who had adored her niece and nephew.

The birth of her twins not long after that must have been somewhat bittersweet.

Early in 2012 tragedy hit again when Marcia’s rep announced that she and Thaddeus were divorcing. It was Marcia who filed for divorce, but the official statement when the divorce was announced, didn’t mention any reasons. It was only requested that the family’s privacy be respected, more than anything for the sake of the three children. It was also added that no further comments would be made.

And indeed, we know precious little about the divorce as such. It was settled later that year, but what kind of arrangement was agreed on is only speculation. Marcia is a very successful actress, who has been doing a lot of movie and TV work. There’s no doubt she is the main breadwinner in the family. It seems therefore unlikely that she should receive child-support or alimony. It’s more likely that she pays both to her husband. It’s not even clear whether there was a prenup or not.

Marcia Gay Harden with co-star and friend James Gandolfini

We did learn later on that Thaddeus had cheated on her, apparently for years. Marcia spoke about “years of unknown behaviour from” her husband in July 2012. One would think that she would loathe paying him any sort of spousal support. She was heartbroken at the time and needed to get help to navigate through the pain of her divorce.

In a sort of eulogy to James Gandolfini, with whom she had worked on several occasions, she wrote in June 2013 that he had helped her a lot during the difficult times of her divorce. He had simply been there, offered a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to or go for a coffee with when necessary. She credited him for getting her through her divorce.

Marcia is not known to be dating anyone at this time. She’s been incredibly busy with work and is looking after her three kids in between jobs. Her twins are soon going to turn into teenagers, whilst her older daughter might be off to college sooner rather than later.

She certainly seems happy these days and perhaps she’ll find a new man who won’t cheat on her, because he will know exactly what he has with her.


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