Luann de Lesseps finally found love again after her unexpected divorce from her count in 2009

Luann de Lesseps is set to remarry after her 2009 divorce. When she does, she will finally give up her title as countess, which she retained even after her divorce from Alexandre de Lesseps.

Divorce finalized in 2009

Luann de Lesseps has never walked down the aisle before. When she was married for the first time to count Alexandre de Lesseps, a business man with a European pedigree, the two eloped. After only five days he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

Luann de Lesseps with ex-husband Alexandre de Lesseps

That was in 1993. Had she known him longer, she might have realized that she was about to be his fourth wife. And that she might not be his last. But it is somewhat doubtful that it would have stopped her from marrying him. One can’t accuse Luann de Lesseps of not being ambitious.

She has certainly made the most of her marriage to Alexandre, including styling herself a countess in New York, a title that has meant a great deal to her over the years. Indeed, Luann has become known for being a stickler for etiquette. She even wrote a book about it. And she very much detested not being introduced as a countess or at least Mrs. de Lesseps.

It has apparently caused a few embarrassing moments for her during her time on The Real Housewives of New York. She has actually been a cast member since the beginning, one of the few brunettes on the show. And she isn’t exactly friends with all of her cast mates.

Luann de Lesseps with current boyfriend Thomas D'Agostino Jr.

And whilst the show is very nosy when it comes to the lives of the housewives, Luann has chosen for the most part to keep her marriage and her children out of it. She also wanted to keep her divorce back in 2009 out of the show, but that didn’t quite work out as planned.

She was happy with Alexandre for about 16 years. Then, in 2009, the couple separated. Luann didn’t breathe a word about the separation on RHONY. She believed it was temporary. She has always wanted to be married for life. But Alexandre seemed to have other ideas. Three months into their separation Luann received an email from him informing her that he had moved on with someone else. The woman in question turned out to be half her age and was actually an Ethiopian princess. He said to Luann that they were getting serious about their relationship and that he wanted a divorce.

Luann was completely blindsided. Divorce hadn’t been in the cards. Her dream of being a countess forever was shattered. Informing her children was the hardest part, however. Eventually the news hit the RHONY community as well. The other housewives turned out to be quite supportive.

LuAnn de Lesseps with Thomas D'Agostino Jr. say cheese

But in true form, Luann kept all the details to herself. Yes, Alexandre cheated on her and yes, they were going to get a divorce. But how long the divorce might have taken to be settled is unclear. What kind of settlement the couple arrived at is also unknown. Luann was allowed to keep her title as countess, however, at least until she would get married again. And we can assume that she received a hefty sum for spousal and child support. The custody agreement appears to be a shared one.

Alexandre’s relationship to his princess ended and according to Luann he hasn’t quite found someone again. She should know, because the two have tried their best to remain friendly for the sake of their children. Alexandre will even be a guest at her upcoming wedding on New Year’s Day 2017.

It’s taken her a few years, but Luann has finally found love again. She has continued her stint on RHONY almost without interruptions. She has her own fashion line and she has raised her children into young adulthood.

Thomas D'Agostino Jr. & LuAnn de Lesseps look stunning

Then she met Tom D’Agostino Jr, another business man, and the two fell head over heels in love. He has been with other RHONY cast mates in the past, but Luann says that she doesn’t care about that. Everyone has a past and she doesn’t doubt that he loves her. So it matters little.

She even forgave him when he was caught making out with a complete stranger after the two had a huge fight and he ran off and had a few drinks too many. Tom publicly apologized and Luann said that she knew it was a mistake. It hurt her terribly, of course, but she believed that it was a one-time thing and under the circumstances she knew it wouldn’t happen again.

She did not forgive cast mate Bethenny Frankel for her role in the whole affair, however. Bethenny was the one who showed Luann a video of the kiss without even preparing her. Luann doesn’t believe that Bethenny had any intention of being her friend in the situation and simply wanted to sow discord. Needless to say that Bethenny is not on the wedding guest list.

Luann seems to be very happy again these days and probably hopes that this marriage will be her last one.


LuAnn de Lesseps with Thomas D'Agostino Jr. posing

LuAnn de Lesseps with Thomas D'Agostino Jr. hug

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