Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell are just one of the many Real Housewives couples to get a divorce

Real Housewives get divorced left, right and centre. One of the victims of the so-called ‘curse’ are Lisa Wu and ex-husband Ed Hartwell. Divorce finalized October 2011

A pretty big number of women have starred on the various Real Housewives incarnations. And a pretty big number of them have also had a divorce from their spouses since appearing on the show, sometimes whilst still on it and sometimes in the aftermath.

Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell look great

Lisa Wu was one of the original cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Whilst she only stayed for two seasons, she and her ex could be seen on the show. According to Lisa she left the show, because they wanted a more scripted version of her life and especially her marriage, which she didn’t agree to.

Be that as it may, she and ex-NFL player Ed Hartwell had been together for five years before he filed for divorce. The pair had originally eloped back in 2005 and later had son Ed Jr.

In 2007 they had to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and in 2009 their home was foreclosed, which meant they lost it. Some alleged apparently that it was their financial troubles that led to their separation, which took place sometime in 2010.

Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell pretty smiling

Lisa, however, very much denied that when she confirmed on Twitter that, yes, they were separated, but no, it had nothing to do with money.

It is not entirely clear, however, what did cause the split. Ed himself merely acknowledged the split in a Facebook post, where he changed his relationship status from ‘married’ to ‘separated’ as well.

We only know that the divorce was finalized in October 2011, but we have no idea, what the details of their settlement were. Since they eloped, it’s unlikely that they had a prenup. But that either of them had a huge amount of money worth fighting over also doesn’t seem very likely. Not even the custody details are certain.

We do know that Ed wanted to get back into the NFL and also that Lisa starred on Hollywood Divas, but that’s about it from them.

Hopefully they manage to bring up their son together without issues. Lisa already lost custody of her two older sons to her first husband Keith Sweat, a singer.

For the time being neither is publicly dating anyone, but then again neither Lisa nor Ed are currently visible enough in the public eye that anyone would be very interested in their dating lives.


Lisa Wu sings with ex-husband Keith Sweat

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