Lindsay Vonn dated Tiger Woods for two years after her divorce and is now a single once more

Lindsay Vonn of Olympic gold medal fame divorced her husband after six years of marriage only to begin a relationship with infamous golfer Tiger Woods.

Divorce finalized in January 2013

Lindsay Vonn met her ex-husband at the tender age of 16, though she only began dating him when she was 18, which was likely due to a 9-year age gap. The couple married in 2007.

Lindsey Vonn and Thomas Vonn say cheese

Lindsay had suffered from an undiagnosed depression for quite a few years and it was husband Thomas who finally suggested she seek treatment. It changed her life and she is grateful for the intervention, but it didn’t prevent her from continued unhappiness in her marriage.

Regardless of being clinically depressed she eventually realized that she was not happy in her relationship to her husband and something needed to change. Later she said that nothing bad really happened. They simply agreed to end their marriage, because Lindsay was miserable and that didn’t make Thomas happy either.

They announced their split in 2011, but the divorce was not finalized until January 2013. Out of mutual respect the two never discussed any details of the divorce, which leads us to believe that it was an amicable affair. Both admitted their sadness over the situation, however.

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods as spectators

In 2013 Lindsay moved on and began dating Tiger Woods. After her Olympic gold and bronze medals in Vancouver Lindsay was a skiing superstar. Naturally the gossip magazines were all over it when the attractive blonde started dating one of the world’s most notorious golfers. Whilst he was also one of the most successful ones and should be considered only on those merits, Tiger Woods is also a known cheater, who infamously split from his ex-wife in 2010.

But Lindsay was happy. She spoke about the normal couple things the two did, that he was there for her during injuries and rehab, especially when that meant she wouldn’t be able to participate in the Sochi Olympics. And whilst she wasn’t particularly interested in golf, she listened to him when he spoke about it.

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods say cheese

Even then, however, she said she wouldn’t get married again. She’d been there, done that and it wasn’t something she felt she needed to do again. But she did want to have a family eventually. Once she was done with her skiing career, in any case.

As it turned out, Tiger wouldn’t have been marriage material after all and the two split in May 2015. There may have been a rumour or two that Tiger had started seeing somebody else before the split was made official, but Lindsay has also said that she continued to love Tiger.

Apparently the decision to split was mutual. Lindsay felt that she probably rushed into the relationship too soon after the end of her marriage, but insisted she didn’t regret anything.

Whilst she has been linked to several men since her split from Tiger, she is not officially dating anyone, which is just as well. She’s doing well in the skiing department for now and should concentrate on that. The rest will follow, especially since she’s still only in her early thirties.


Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn take a stroll

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods-The made for each other couple

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods snapped at an event

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods look happy

Lindsey Vonn and Thomas Vonn stunning in black

Lindsey Vonn and Thomas Vonn snapped at an event

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