Nine years after her marriage broke apart Linda Hogan is still unable to forgive ex-husband Hulk

Linda and Hulk Hogan were married for 25 years before they separated in 2007. Whilst Hulk successfully moved on, Linda recently revealed that she is still not ready to forgive her ex-husband.

Divorce finalized in 2009

Linda met Hulk Hogan in a restaurant in 1980 or 1981. Apparently they were so taken with one another that they soon started dating and ended up in a long-distance relationship that was mostly conducted over the phone. In 1983 they were married.

Linda Hogan and Hulk Hogan hug

Hulk went on to become one of the most well-known wrestlers of all time, although he had already been pursuing the sport when he first met Linda.

The two had two children together, a daughter in 1988 and a son in 1990.

It’s not clear when Hulk started first cheating on his wife, though he wrote in his auto-biography after the divorce that Linda suspected him of having affairs whenever he developed a close relationship to another woman. But he denied that he cheated on her on those occasions.

We do know that he cheated on her no later than in 2006, because a sex-tape of the act was leaked later and Hulk went so far as to blame his cheating on his ex-wife, who had apparently been mean to him. He said so quite recently in court, where he took the stand in his suit against Gawker, the online magazine that published the leaked sex-tape.

As it was, Linda Hogan filed for divorce in 2007. Hulk said that his marriage had already been crumbling when he cheated on her with the woman in the sex-tape. Clearly Linda felt the same.

Jennifer McDaniels-Hulk Hogan's current wife

The divorce was financially settled in 2009. It may have been legally finalized in 2007, but the division of assets took until 2009 to be finalized. Linda made off exceedingly well. She received 70% of the couple’s liquid assets as well as a 40% share of ownership in various other companies that belong to Hulk.

On top of that Linda received $3 million as a property settlement, a Cadillac Escalade, a Corvette, a Mercedes and a Rolls-Royce as well as a number of off-road vehicles. Hulk is a collector, however, which meant he kept a fair share of their cars.

With the payout, alimony was not an issue, neither was child-support or custody, because both their children were older than 18 years by the time the finances were settled.

Linda entered a relationship with Charley Hill in 2008. He was 30 years her junior, but he did end up proposing to her in 2012. Shortly thereafter, however, he seems to have gotten cold feet and the relationship ended. The relationship cannot be considered anything else but a rebound, which was unlikely to last in any case.

Linda Hogan with ex-boy toy Charlie Hill

Linda was upset about the break-up, wondering if she would ever find love again at her age. It seems that is still a concern to her, because she recently addressed the break-down of her marriage publicly. For some reason she decided the world needed to know how she felt about Hulk and their divorce.

Apparently she has been unable to get her life back on track since the divorce and claims that the same is true for her children. She said that she no longer knows where she fits in the world and doesn’t know how to start over at 57. Linda blamed Hulk for the end of their marriage, declaring that she had always been a good wife and that she never cheated on him.

She lashed out at him in detail in her declaration, closing that she would never forgive him, especially because he has never apologized to her or their children.

It’s curious why she only now comes out with this. Clearly Linda Hogan has some issues to address, but none of this is new and it’s not as if she is going to get her ex-husband back.

Hulk remarried in 2010. He started dating his second wife in 2008 and certainly seems happy with her. Though it has reportedly not been easy for him either. His divorce was such a blow to him, he said he considered suicide and credited Laila Ali with saving his life.

We don’t know, how Hulk reacted to Linda’s tearful break-down, but he certainly didn’t say anything to the wider public.


Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill snapped at an event

Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan at an event

Linda Hogan and Hulk Hogan look happy together

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