Leah Remini might have called husband Angelo Pagan a serial cheater, but a divorce is unlikely

Leah Remini has made a lot of news lately with her book detailing her life with Scientology and her subsequent exit from the church. In the book she calls husband Angelo Pagan a serial cheater, but that doesn’t mean she wants to divorce him.

Leah Remini and husband Angelo Pagan have been married since 2003. They were already in a six-year relationship by then and apparently quite happy. Only once they were married, however, did they have daughter Sofia.

Angelo Pagan & Leah Remini say cheese

Leah Remini has been in Scientology for almost her entire life. Her mother had joined a long time ago and thus Leah was a member as well. Angelo joined when he began dating Leah earnestly.

Apparently Angelo had still been in a relationship to somebody else by the time he started seeing Leah, something that will become relevant soon.

In 2013 Leah decided that she needed to leave Scientology. A few things had happened that bothered her a great deal and when it came down to her daughter one day having to choose between her and the church, Leah knew she had to get Sofia out of there.

Whilst Scientology prefers their members to stay, they won’t stop you from leaving as long as you do so quietly. Leah was not going to do that, but in the beginning she was more afraid to lose her husband and her mother to Scientology.

That was a very real scenario. When you leave the church your family may completely disavow you, especially if you end up speaking out against Scientology. That would make you an outcast and the church would most likely make sure that your family would no longer speak to you.

Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan family pic. with daughter Sofia Bella

When it came to it, however, Angelo and Leah’s mother both joined her in leaving the church. That alone should tell us something about Leah’s relationship to them and the church’s hold over them.

Angelo had only joined for his wife. It seemed no problem to him to leave for her as well. Leah’s mother would have been a different story, but she followed her daughter, an admirable step after so many years of following the church.

Leah went on to write her book, which came out not long ago. She’s given several interviews about the book before and after it was published. One thing that shocked a few people was her ‘accusation’ that her husband is a serial cheater.

One would wonder why she was still with him. And how did she keep a smile on her face when photographed with him at one event or another?

Angelo Pagan & Leah Remini snapped at an event

Then she put the accusation into perspective. She wanted to be the one to say it first. Not because it was true, but because it would likely be said by Scientology in order to throw shade on Angelo. By getting that out of the way she effectively removed any ammunition Scientology might want to use. Similarly Leah chose harsh words to describe herself and her mother in the book.

These and other things were going to come from Scientology anyway and the church has most certainly had some rather unkind words for and about Leah.

Angelo has been nothing but supportive of his wife. He didn’t seem to take any issue with her calling him a serial cheater and we can assume that it is indeed not true. A divorce is therefore not a likely scenario. For now the two are happy in their marriage of 12 years and hopefully will be for a long time to come.

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