Can Leah Messer save her marriage or will she be divorced twice at only 22?

MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer is only 22 years old, has three young daughters, and is already facing a second divorce. Currently it’s touch and go if the marriage can be salvaged or not.

Leah Messer became a first-time mom at the age of 17, which qualified her to star on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2”. Her then-boyfriend Corey Simms was the father of twins Aliannah and Aleeha. Shortly after the birth of their daughters, the couple broke off the relationship, because Leah apparently didn’t know what she wanted. However, soon enough the couple reconciled and before the twins turned one, Leah and Corey married.

Leah Messer & Corey Simms pose for a photoshoot

Yet, not long after their honeymoon there was already trouble in paradise and the two separated again. One is tempted to ask what the point was to begin with. Corey and Leah were divorced in 2011 and in August of the same year she started dating Jeremy Calvert. Four months into their relationship the two got engaged.

Leah Messer is not one to waste time; that seems to be quite apparent. At the same time they got engaged, the couple also announced Leah’s second pregnancy, but she sadly suffered a miscarriage in January 2012. She had already had a pregnancy scare with her twins when she went into early labor at the end of her second trimester. With medical intervention the birth of the twins was post-poned another two months and both of them turned out healthy.

Leah Messer & Corey Simms playtime with twin babies

Leah and Jeremy were married in April 2012 and six months later another pregnancy was announced. Though this one arrived a little early as well, she made it into the world just as healthy as her older sisters.

Anyone following the reality TV series knows what Leah’s and Jeremy’s relationship has been like since they were married. It’s not easy to be so young and already parents of three little girls. Being constantly filmed for TV certainly only adds to the stress a young couple would face anyway. And it’s been apparent since at least the beginning of the year that not all was well in their relationship.

When Jeremy took on a job that would take him out of state all the way to New Mexico, rumors abounded that the couple was headed for divorce. Leah vehemently denied that and proclaimed them to be happily married. It is not very likely, however, that she would have been happy to be left alone at her age with three young daughters for up to six weeks at a time. She even complained to ex-husband Corey about it, who is also part of the show.

Jeremy Calvert-Leah Messer's second husband

In October the divorce rumors peaked when Jeremy went on a Twitter rant alleging that he caught Leah cheating. What made it worse was his claim that she had cheated with the same guy she slept with just a week before getting married to first husband Corey. Not only had she cheated before, she had also admitted to it. That knowledge makes one question further why she ever married Corey.

Be that as it may, Leah steadfastly denied Jeremy’s allegations, but it became clear in her own tweets that there was trouble indeed. In July she had said that divorce was not an option for the couple and that she firmly believed that Jeremy was the best thing that ever happened to her. She also said that they could overcome anything.

Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert with her twins

Unfortunately that remains to be seen. In November it was reported that Jeremy has had enough and has filed for divorce. But it doesn’t seem as if Leah is prepared to let him go without a fight. Nobody wants to be a mother of three and twice-divorced at the age of 22. It would be quite understandable, if she considered that a most undesirable position to be in.

According to the latest news the divorce is on hold and the pair is trying to work things out. Apparently Jeremy’s family has intervened and won’t accept him giving up just yet. They are old-fashioned and that means they hold stake by the traditional vows “in good times and in bad times”. If Leah is innocent of the cheating accusations and their problems are of a different nature, then there is hope. Many things can be worked out, though cheating does not tend to be one of them.

We shall see if they will be able to make it or not. Should this marriage fail, one can only hope that Leah will develop a little more sense in future relationships. She has her children to think of and is has just been through a custody battle for the twins with ex-husband Corey, in which she lost full custody of the girls and is now sharing custody with Corey. Whilst things will play out for her off-screen, having quit the show now, they won’t be far from the public eye and we will surely know how things will turn out for her.


Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert walk hand in hand

Leah Messer & Corey Simms wedding

Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer with their daughters

Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer pose for a photoshoot

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Corey Simms & Leah Messer with their twin daughters

Miranda Patterson-Corey Simms's new girlfriend