Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich both remarried after their 2011 divorce

Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich were married for only three years, though it took them two years to get divorced. Years later both found love once more with new partners and both of them are married again.

Divorce finalized in 2011

Some people take a lot longer to find love again when a marriage fails and ends in divorce. But it would seem that Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich did not have that problem. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that their split was an amicable one.

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The two were married in 2006. We don’t really know how long they’ve been dating prior to getting married. But given that they both married their new spouses less than two years after they began dating them, we could assume that it didn’t take them any longer before they were married to each other.

Alas, their marriage only lasted three years. In October 2009 they officially separated, though at the time neither spoke of divorce. In fact, for much of 2010 the two were believed to try and reconcile their relationship. Much was made of the fact that Landon dedicated his winning goal during the 2010 World Cup to Bianca, who had been very supportive of his participation in the World Cup.

When there were rumours and allegations of Landon having fathered a love child with a UK woman, Bianca was reportedly very supportive of him as well. At the time Landon said that he would take responsibility should the child turn out to be his, but in the end that wasn’t the case.

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However, the whole incident makes it clear that Landon had definitely had extra-marital relations, but that Bianca was neither surprised by this nor in the dark about it. Granted, at the time the two were already separated and whatever may be truth about their attempts to reconcile, the two seem to have had a really amicable relationship regardless of whom Landon may have slept with while on loan to the UK.

We don’t actually know what led to the couple’s split, mostly because neither of them has ever said anything about it.

In the end Landon filed for divorce in 2010 and he only cited ‘irreconcilable differences’. The two announced that they were still best of friends and would continue to be important in each other’s lives, but that they would not be married anymore.

Curiously Landon requested not only spousal support but also that Bianca pay his legal fees for the divorce. It’s not known how the divorce was finalized in the end, just that it was over at some point in 2011.

Bianca and Landon are reportedly still friends, but they most definitely have moved on from one another. Bianca was the first of the two to get married again. In December 2012 she tied the knot with Mike Catherwood, a radio host. They had their first child, a daughter, in 2014.

Landon took a little bit more time to get married again. He began dating Hannah Bartell in 2013 and married her in 2015. Their first child, a son, was born in January.

It would seem that Bianca and Landon made the right decision when they called off their wedding, because they sure seem a lot happier now that they have married other people and are both parents.


Landon Donovan with current girlfriend Hannah Bartell

Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich look happy

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