Will Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney find a way back to each other after their split?

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney were considered to be one of the strongest Hollywood couples around. But after five years together they called time on their engagement.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney met each other when the two filmed the video to her song You and I. They didn’t start dating right away, though. It took a few months before they officially became a couple.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney in Belgrade,Serbia

The beginning of their relationship was a little bit rocky and they briefly split up in May 2012. But when they got back together their relationship became stronger than ever. Lady Gaga and Taylor were certainly a solid couple. The two were widely regarded to be very much in love.

On Valentine’s Day 2015 Taylor proposed with a massive heart shaped diamond ring and Gaga accepted. The couple didn’t set a date or made any preparations for the wedding, however. For the time being they seemed happy enough to be engaged. Considering that the two were pretty busy with their respective careers this is hardly surprising. Gaga had taken a break from music and was working as an actor on American Horror Story instead. Taylor worked on his own TV show, which meant that the two spent a considerable amount of time apart. Few would have doubted, though, that the two would walk down the aisle eventually.

It was therefore a shock to most fans when Lady Gaga announced in July that she and Taylor were on a break. She did ask that people should root for them and confirmed that the two still really loved each other. But they had drifted apart and apparently busy schedules had gotten in the way.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney pose for a photoshoot

Gaga said that she and Taylor always considered each other soulmates and she was reportedly crushed when they decided to have a break. The question remains, whether or not they will find a way back to each other.

Gaga has previously said that she does not consider divorce an option. When she gets married, she wants to be married forever. Her grandparents and parents have been married for decades. Even when the marriage of her parents had not been great and things looked as if they might head for a divorce after all, they had stuck it out. Given current divorce rates she definitely has a point. And too many celebrity couples split up long before they have properly worked on their marriages. Indeed, some celebrity couples seem to get married on a whim and consequently divorce easily.

That would certainly explain why Lady Gaga and Taylor had decided to take a break instead. If they can make it through their break and find their way back to each other, they may stand a chance at a happily ever after. Taylor knows her opinion on marriage. In all likelihood he shares her views.

Taylor Kinney & Lady Gaga all dressed up

When Lady Gaga released the song Perfect Illusion, people assumed that it was about Taylor. But she denied that. Instead it was more of a commentary of how fake most of us become because of social media.

Sources close to the couple confirmed that they are still in touch. If there’s something to work through, then they are apparently doing just that. It sounds as if they have not yet given up on each other. So perhaps neither should we.

It is possible to come back from a relationship break. Other celebrity couples have managed that as well. Taylor and Gaga didn’t break up because of a bad incident. There was no cheating involved, at least not that it has ever credibly confirmed, and the two didn’t just fall out of love either. There’s plenty of love left.

Now the two just have to decide whether or not they want to remain committed to each other. And if they do, then there’s a way back.

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney stunning in black

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