Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky are still going strong despite all odds and a curse

Kyle Richards of RHOBH fame has been married to second husband Mauricio Umansky for over 20 years. The two seem to defy the reality TV couple curse that inevitably leads to divorce.

Kyle Richards has been divorced once. She was only 18 years old when she married Guraish Aldjufrie in 1988. She gave birth to their daughter Farrah that same year, but in 1990 the two already separated and were divorced by 1992.

Kyle Richards and her current husband Mauricio Umansky

We don’t really know anything about that divorce, but it can be assumed to have been reasonably amicable. The two seem to still have some sort of contact, especially since Mauricio sold a house to Guraish once.

Kyle was briefly engaged to newscaster Michael Tuck (then twice her age), but apparently she left him for Mauricio. When she married her second husband in 1996, she was already four months pregnant with their first daughter.

The happy couple had two more daughters together, which meant that they ended up raising four girls together, who are reportedly all quite close.

Whilst Kyle stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Mauricio is a real estate agent. He was first in business with his brother-in-law, Rick Hilton, but eventually opened up his own business, which is simply called The Agency. Apparently he is the number 1 realtor in California and number 3 in the rest of the country. That’s pretty impressive. But he also appears on RHOBH regularly.

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky go black 'n' white!

Kyle and Mauricio seem to be the picture perfect couple. They always look happy together and always pile on the PDA quite heavily. Yet, for some reason, there were rumours in 2013 that Mauricio was cheating on his wife. Several gossip rags reported on alleged infidelities, but Kyle and Mauricio adamantly denied that there was any truth to those rumours.

In fact, the two denied the rumours separately and together and even some of their friends intervened, calling the rumours laughable. Apparently Mauricio is an upstanding guy. And although he is good looking and charming, he is very much in love with his wife. Looking at pictures of the two of them, one is hard-pressed not to believe that.

For Kyle and Mauricio these rumours seem to be as bad as it has gotten over the years. The two very much stick together and have spoken candidly about their relationship and their friendship. Given that they will be married 22 years this year, it seems unlikely that there is any truth to those cheating rumours.

Celebrity couples and especially reality TV couples are indeed very prone to end up in a divorce. Especially reality TV couples have it difficult, because there’s said to be a curse on couples, who star in a reality TV show together. There are indeed dozens of examples of failed marriages and even when the couples stayed together, there has also been a lot of infidelity.

Kyle and Mauricio have successfully avoided this particular trend and seem to be ready to tackle at least another 22 years together.


Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards look stunning

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards sporting casuals

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards arrive at an event

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky snapped at an event

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky pose for a photoshoot

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