Even before his divorce from Jenni Dahlmann Kimi Raikkonen moved on with Mittu Vertanen

In their 12 years together Jenni Dahlmann and Kimi Raikkonen never managed to have a family. Once they divorced Kimi moved on quickly and already welcomed his first child with new partner Minttu Vertanen. Divorce finalized in 2014

Kimi Raikkonen met Jenni Dahlman in 2002. She had just become Miss Scandinavia and the two hit it off almost instantly. In the early days of their relationship the couple was mostly inseparable and naturally they were married in 2004.

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But somehow the couple ended up living separate lives. Whilst they both lived in Switzerland and Finland, it was Kimi who spend more time in his home country than his wife, who preferred Switzerland by the looks of it.

It’s been reported that Jenni doesn’t really like the limelight and ended up staying away from the race track more often than not. She had her own life and passions to pursue, among them show jumping riding.

It doesn’t help that Kimi is actually allergic to horses, which means he stayed away from her show jumping events.

It is curious given how long the two were together and how very much in love they appeared to be, but they seem quite unsuited to each other. And therefore it came as little surprise when their split was announced that they had “grown in different directions”.

Jenni Dahlman and Kimi Raikkonen say cheese

There never seemed to be a single point when they simply weren’t a married couple anymore but friends at best. It’s been alleged that Jenni left Kimi for a fellow equestrian, but there seems little evidence for that.

Kimi met his current partner Mittu Vertanen in 2013 after his split from Jenni was announced but before their divorce was finalized. We don’t actually know any details of the divorce settlement. There were rumours that the two had a prenup, but that couldn’t be confirmed.

Be that as it may, Kimi seems to have found a partner more suited to his needs in Mittu, who is a flight attendant. The two have been going steady ever since and welcomed their son Robin in January last year.

It seems Kimi and Jenni are both better off for having divorced and there can’t be anything wrong with that.

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