Kevin and Torrei Hart finally moving on after their 2011 divorce

Married in 2003 and divorced in 2011, the ex-couple settled the financials in 2013 and are now both in new relationships. Here is how their divorce changed them. Divorce was finalized in November 2011, with the financials settled in 2013

They met when he was 19 and she was 20. A few years later, in 2003, they married and eventually had two children together. After nearly eight years of marriage and an even longer relationship, their split turned out to be rather acrimonious.

Torrei Hart with ex-hubby Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart now says that he and his wife have been separated for seven years. That means they haven’t been a couple since 2007. Torrei doesn’t seem to agree and called him a cheater, declaring his infidelity the main reason for their divorce. It’s a fact, though, that Kevin’s new fiancée has been his girlfriend for five years, which means he’s been seeing her long before the official separation from his ex-wife.

If their relationship had been over long before the actual divorce, they certainly didn’t talk about it publicly. To everybody else they were still a married couple, raising two children together and working on their careers respectively. Kevin Hart certainly made a reputation for himself by joking about married life. As a comedian that was part of his job and it made him successful.

Whatever may be the truth of it, Kevin and Torrei both have different stories. For Kevin the marriage was long over, but in Torrei’s eyes he cheated on her. She also blames the end of her marriage on Kevin’s new wife-to-be. And that was fairly recently, which suggests that there is still some healing to be done.

In the end Kevin got away cheaply. He pays no spousal support to Torrei, but almost $20k in child support, which he can easily afford with an estimated worth of $25 million.

Torrei Hart & ex-hubby Kevin Hart with their kids

Both of them seem to be dedicated to their two children at least. No child comes out of a divorce unscathed, but the children seem to be pretty happy nowadays. Both of them have bonded with their parents’ new partners, and Kevin and Torrei have both voiced their happiness at how well their partners get on with their children.

Whilst Kevin has publicly stated that he embraces his ex-wife’s new man and his role in his children’s lives, Torrei has said that it pains her to see the cause of her break-up (namely Eniko, Hart’s new fiancée) building a relationship with her children. But she has not said that she would prevent any contact, which seems to be the more mature approach here. Kevin actually reacted quite maturely in response, vowing that he would never slander the mother of his children. Doing so on Twitter, however, was perhaps not the most elegant move.

Eniko Parrish-Kevin Hart's girlfriend!

Be that as it may, Kevin Hart has admitted that he wasn’t always honest during his marriage. He went through a “lying phase” and that doesn’t sound very great for Torrei. But he also said that he has matured now and whilst he may not have been ready for marriage in his mid-twenties, he learned from his divorce and his previous failings and seems ready to approach marriage with a new outlook in his mid-thirties.

Torrei, too, said that she has emerged stronger from her divorce. She found strength in faith, has a new partner and seems to be finally on track with her career, having lagged behind her ex-husband’s success during most of their marriage.

Both of them certainly seem happy now. Kevin proposed to his girlfriend Eniko Parrish only three months ago and the picture-perfect couple has been all smiles since.

Let’s hope that Torrei’s new relationship will continue to be successful and perhaps help her to finally let go of the pain she clearly has been through. She deserves happiness and from what we know, she has not been as happy as she appears to be now for a very long time.

They have been divorced long enough now that it is time for both to move on fully and embrace their new lives without each other, but with their children.


Torrei Hart hugging ex-hubby Kevin Hart

Torrei Hart & Kevin Hart look happy together

Torrei Hart & ex hubby Kevin HartEniko Parrish-Kevin Hart's new found love!Torrei Hart with boyfriend FreddyoEniko Parrish & Kevin Hart at an event