Keri Russell quietly separates from her husband Shane Dreary and starts dating again

After more than six years of marriage, Keri Russell quietly split from Shane Dreary. Very soon she seemed to be moving on with co-star Matthew Rhys, but they neither confirm nor deny it.

In December 2013 Keri Russell announced that she and her husband of nearly seven years (they married in February 2007) were separated. Apparently they had been living apart since early summer of 2013, about six months by the time the news got out.

Keri Russell & Shane Deary at the 80th Annual Academy Awards

Her marriage to Shane Dreary, who is a carpenter, has always been very private. Given that her ex-husband is not part of the industry and like many others, who are not involved in the making of movies or TV shows, he was always uncomfortable in the limelight.So it is hardly surprising that they kept their marriage pretty low key.

It would appear that Keri Russell was forced to admit to the separation after a break-in into her New York home. The actress had been at home and sleeping when the burglary happened. She called the police immediately and the culprits were apprehended after trespassing on another property. The stolen items were returned and Keri seemed none the worse for wear.

Obviously the press wanted to know all about it and it soon transpired that her husband had not been at home when the break-in occurred. Keri then issued a statement saying that they had been separated and that her ex-husband had moved out in early summer. The news came as a huge surprise to everyone.

Whilst Keri is not a celebrity, but a reasonably well-known actress, it is a rare occurrence that she was able to keep her private life, especially a break-up, secret for such a long time. The split was amicable and the exes are still on speaking terms, having two young children to look after together.

Keri Russell & Shane Deary day out with their kid

It is not known if Keri has filed for an actual divorce yet. Their official relationship status is listed as “separated”. Given how private their marriage was and how quietly the separation transpired, the actual divorce will not make any waves either.

As a matter of necessity, Keri Russell would have had to issue a statement sooner rather than later anyway. She has been rumored to be dating her The Americans co-star Matthew Rhys since at least early 2014. Some speculate that she left her ex-husband for Matthew. If there is any truth to that, Matthew was likely no more than a catalyst.

Whilst virtually nothing is known about the marriage of Keri Russell and Shane Dreary, it may very well be the case that the relationship was already failing. It’s not necessarily easy for partners of actors, who are themselves not a part of the industry, to be with them. Keri has become increasingly busy since 2013, which may very well have added a strain to her relationship to Shane.

There is no evidence that she was unfaithful to her husband, however, and they would hardly have an amicable relationship at this stage, if she had cheated on him.

In addition, Matthew Rhys and Keri are hardly more forthcoming about their relationship than she was with her marriage. The couple has never confirmed their relationship status and prefer to keep it coy in interviews. But there seems little doubt that they are, indeed, together. They are often seen together out and about and Matthew is acquainted with her children as well.

Keri seems happy and,depending on how things go with Matthew, may want to file for divorce sooner rather than later. Shane is likely going to disappear into anonymity outside of his interaction with his ex-wife concerning their children. And he’s probably happy about that as well.

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