Kenny G was married for 20 years before he filed for divorce from Lyndie Benson-Gorelic

Even the most stable relationships and marriages aren’t safe from divorce. Kenny G and his ex-wife had to find out the hard way when they got divorced four years ago. Divorce finalized in 2013

Kenny G is famous for his saxophone music, which has made him one of the most successful instrumentalists ever. Most people will have heard his music at some point in their lives. It is quite universal and since there are no vocals, it can be played inconspicuously in the background just about anywhere. Some of his music is considered quite romantic. He even has a wedding song.

Lyndie Benson-Gorelic and Kenny G at a movie premiere

But we know surprisingly little about Kenneth Bruce Gorelick’s private life. We know he married Lyndie in 1992. They have two sons together and Lyndie was always by Kenny’s side.

Then, surprisingly, the couple separated in January 2012. At the time it was Lyndie who filed for legal separation. She asked for sole custody of their younger son, who was 14 at the time.

Roughly six months later Kenny filed for divorce. He requested joint legal and physical custody for their boy, which seems to have surprised a few people. However, Kenny said some time after the divorce that he has become much closer to both his sons since divorcing. That probably already started when he and Lyndie first separated.

The divorce was finalized by 2013. Since there was apparently a prenup, the whole thing went down rather quietly. We have no idea how assets may have been separated. Even with a prenup it seems unlikely that Lyndie walked away empty-handed. Twenty years and two sons have to count for something and it is likely that the prenup made provisions for that.

Lyndie Benson-Gorelic and Kenny G evening out with son

In any case, things didn’t turn messy, because we usually hear about it when they do.

After the divorce was finalized, Kenny admitted that it had been hard and that it had taken him quite some time to emerge from the dark cloud that had enveloped him even before the divorce was underway. Clearly things hadn’t been well for Kenny and Lyndie leading up to the divorce. It’s just as Louis CK says: no good marriage ever ends in divorce.

That doesn’t mean the whole thing was easy.

Kenny considered his sons his silver lining after the divorce. Their closer relationship and his role as a single father helped him through the sad times brought on by his split. He admitted that his sons had been affected by the divorce. They were, after all, old enough to know what was going on. But since his relationship to them was better than ever, not all was lost.

Eventually he talked about making a new album as well, something he hadn’t been able to do when going through the divorce.

Whilst it is not known that Kenny is currently dating anyone, he certainly seemed happier and more upbeat once he got over his divorce.


Lyndie Benson-Gorelic and Kenny G snapped at an event

Lyndie Benson-Gorelic and Kenny G look stunning together