John Travolta spotted without wedding ring – divorce from Kelly Preston imminent?

Since 2013 divorce rumours about Kelly Preston and John Travolta keep making the rounds, but what truth is there to them and is he really gay?

On the outside Kelly Preston’s and John Travolta’s marriage is one of the most stable in Hollywood. They were married in 1991, which makes this year their 24th year together.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta wedding

They had three children together, though eldest son Jett tragically died in 2009.

Both are renowned scientologists as well, a fact which may not be insignificant in their marriage.

For a number of years now there have been persistent rumours that the couple is headed for divorce, but thus far none of these rumours have held true. Needless to say that the main instigator concerning any rumours about John Travolta is the National Enquirer, the least trustworthy tabloid in the world.

But not long ago John was seen out and about without his wedding ring, and apparently on two separate occasions. Whilst there can be a multitude of reasons for this, it certainly gives new fodder to those perpetuating an imminent divorce.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston day out

The question is why they would divorce. They have been through a lot together, including the loss of a child. And after so many years together they surely have seen any and all ups and downs that a relationship can go through.

If it weren’t for those persistent rumours that John is gay, one would not be able to find any reason at all for a split. But those rumours have haunted John for years now and the question is why.

Through the years a number of men have come forward alleging that John has come on to them or that they had outright affairs. He’s been accused of having orgies, of only being attracted to married men or otherwise straight appearing men and no one was ever able to produce solid evidence.

The truth is: he might indeed be gay.

But in the Church of Scientology there is no such thing as homosexuality. Of course the Church knows it exists, but it’s been known to be extremely homophobic and believes that homosexuality can be cured.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston look glamorous

As a member of the Church, John would not be able to come out.

It has also been said that the Church has ordered Kelly and John to remain married. Of course there’s no proof for this whatsoever, but if the Church really is that influential, it could at least give strong advice to its members, especially when they are as prominent as these two.

Kirstie Alley, who’s co-starred with John on the Look who’s talking movies, is also a member of Scientology and she adamantly denies that John is gay. One is inclined to think that ‘of course she would say that’.

Instead of leering over the fate of their marriage, which may or may not be broken, one should feel sorry for the two, if any of the above is true. It would mean that John is unable to live as his true self and that Kelly is trapped in a marriage to a man, who will never be truly hers.

Mind you, they are both adults and should be more than capable of making their own decisions, regarding their sexuality or their marriage. No church in the world should be able to dictate two individuals how to live their lives. If Kelly and John should indeed follow what they are being told, it’s up to them to make changes to ensure their future happiness.


Kelly Preston and John Travolta say cheese

Kelly Preston and John Travolta day out with kid

Kelly Preston and John Travolta cute family pic

Kelly Preston and John Travolta at the OSCARS 2015

John Travolta & Kelly Preston look stunning

John Travolta & Kelly Preston snapped at an event

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