Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock don’t seem to be divorcing just yet

Despite rumors emerging of her new husband cheating on her just weeks after the wedding, Kelly Clarkson is still very much married to Brandon Blackstock


Nobody can claim that Kelly Clarkson and husband Brandon Blackstock ever looked anything but happy since they started dating early in 2012. Incidentally it was the same year in which Blackstock was divorced from his first wife.

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock wedding

Kelly has known Brandon for six years by the time they started dating. He is her manager’s son, but he had been married when they first met and was thus off limits. Things changed when they happened to catch up again in 2012 at the Super Bowl and Brandon was a single man. There must have been some attraction before and the two started dating.

The pair became engaged in December that same year. Kelly declared early on that they would have a small wedding and even considered to elope together. And that is essentially what happened when they married in a small ceremony in October 2013 in Tennessee.

Unfortunately just weeks into their marriage rumors surfaced that Brandon was cheating on Kelly in some way and had been for some time. The source of the first rumor wanted to remain anonymous and was not very specific, only saying that she – for we must assume a female here – had not been sleeping with Brandon, but had been intimate with him in other ways.

Brandon Blackstock & Kelly Clarkson all smiles!

Apparently it wasn’t the first time that Brandon cheated, also having been accused of such misconduct in his first marriage. Interestingly, however, the first to come to his defence was his ex-wife. She called the allegations ridiculous and insisted that Brandon was a good man, who would never do such a thing and had never done it before.

Given that Brandon and Kelly have a remarkably close relationship with his ex-wife, and naturally the two children from that relationship, there doesn’t seem a reason not to believe her. She said she adores Kelly and seemed quite happy for her ex-husband and his new wife.

The rumors would have hurt all the more as they emerged in the wake of Kelly announcing her first pregnancy. Albeit an unusually early announcement, she was obviously over the moon happy and needed to let her fans know why shows and appearances were cancelled. She did suffer morning sickness quite badly, after all.

Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson look perfect with each other

Earlier this year, before Kelly gave birth to her baby daughter, it was claimed that she would divorce Brandon after the birth. Reportedly she just wanted it to be over and done with, but divorcing whilst still pregnant didn’t seem to be a great prospect.

Yet here we are, at the end of 2014 and the pair is still married. Since their daughter was born, no more rumors or allegations seem to have made the news and nobody seems to be talking about divorce either.

The person, who made the initial cheating claim, was never heard from again. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Brandon has been unfaithful and we would like to think that Kelly would indeed leave him, if he were cheating on her. Mind you, nobody would like to be in that situation and Kelly certainly doesn’t deserve this.

Let’s hope the pair will live happily ever after and will continue to weather storms together like they have done with this one.


Melissa Blackstock-Brandon Blackstock's ex wife

Brandon Blackstock with Kelly Clarkson

Brandon Blackstock kisses Kelly Clarkson on their wedding

Brandon Blackstock & Kelly Clarkson walk hand in hand

Brandon Blackstock & Kelly Clarkson look great together

Brandon Blackstock & Kelly Clarkson day out

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