Kavya Madhavan and Nishal Chandra were married for two years, but she left him after only a few months

Hollywood actors don’t have an exclusive claim on nasty divorces, because they seem to happen to actors in India as well, among them to Kavya Madhavan. Divorce finalized in May 2011

At 31 years of age Kavya Madhavan has 75 film credits to her name. That she is in demand in the Malayalam film industry in India would be an understatement. Given her popularity, the obsession over her private life cannot be surprising.

Kavya Madhavan and Nishal Chandra at a puja

In February 2009 she married computer engineer Nishal Chandra. How those two got together is not quite clear, but it was likely an arranged marriage (since his second marriage was arranged, it stands to reason that the first one might have been as well). It is unlikely that the two married for love.

After her marriage Kavya was set to end her acting career and moved to Kuwait to be with her husband there. She was to be a housewife and mother, as was custom. But only a few months later Kavya was back in Kerala and she never returned to Kuwait.

Dileep-Kavya Madhavan's current husband

It was in July 2010 that she filed for divorce, which was granted in May 2011 before a family court.

What happened?

Rumour has it that Kavya refused to sign over her assets to her husband and that he was abusive, at least emotionally, toward her because of it and that his family treated her even worse. They wanted her money, of which she would have to have had plenty.

Nishal later denied this, but then he would, wouldn’t he?

What’s certainly likely is that, if any of this happened, Kavya refused to just hand over her hard earned money and chances are she didn’t want to give up her career to begin with. Perhaps she wasn’t such a traditional wife after all.

She picked up where she left off and returned to acting almost immediately. The couple agreed when the divorce was settled that they wouldn’t talk about each other to the media and as far as we know they haven’t.

Nishal Chandra & Kavya Madhavan look glam in white

Interestingly Nishal remarried in 2013, the marriage was arranged and his wife is a career woman, though not an actor. At the time she was set to take a job in India and Nishal declared that he would go to India often to be with her, but he would also keep his job and life in Kuwait. He said he had learned his lessons from his first marriage and apparently it was a compromise of what two people want out of their relationship, not just one.

We don’t know what became of the couple, but chances are they are still married.

Kavya on the other hand has not married again and wasn’t too keen on it. There have been rumours that she would finally get married to fellow actor Dileep, who was only just divorced himself and with whom she has had much chemistry in the past. But both of them denied the rumours and Dileep and his ex-wife also declared that no third party played a role in their divorce.

Fans will keep hoping that their dream couple Kavya and Dileep will get together one of these days, after all.

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Kavya Madhavan and Dileep romantic photoshoot

Kavya Madhavan and Dileep day out

Nishal Chandra with second wife Remya Nath