When love isn’t unconditional – How Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorced after 14 months

At first opposites attracted, then Russell Brand asked Katy Perry for divorce via text message. They were madly in love and somehow couldn’t make it work. The divorce was finalized on July 16th, 2012.

They met in 2008, but only hit it off at the MTV VMAs in 2009 and were dating by September that same year. Many were aghast at the union of this unlikely pair. Each eccentric in their own right, they certainly made for an odd couple.

Katy Perry Russell Brand hugging

But Russell Brand later said of Katy Perry in his book that she changed him. She chose him, bottled him and cuffed him. And he seemed as happy as can be about it. So happy, in fact, that the pair announced their engagement late in December 2009.

Whenever the couple appeared together in 2010, they were happy and clearly in love. They wed in October 2010 in India in a lavish ceremony attended by close friends and family only. But Perry did show clips from their wedding at the Grammys in February 2011, because she thought it felt right and nobody paid them to share this private moment.

Yet almost from the beginning, the couple had to fend off rumors that their marriage was in trouble. At first In Touch claimed that they were in counselling, fighting for their marriage. In May 2011 Brand got deported from Japan when he went to attend one of Katy Perry’s concerts. And by summer it was alternately reported that the marriage was falling apart, because they either didn’t spend enough time together, or, in fact, too much. Clearly the gossip magazines didn’t know what they were talking about, but as long as they kept talking about this “kooky” couple it didn’t seem to matter what they reported.

By the end of 2011, however, the gossip columns could barely keep up with the rumors and it became clear that not all was well after all. Despite going on record on The Ellen Degeneres Show as being married “‘till death do us part” in December 2011, Brand was the one who announced on the last day of that year that he and Perry were going to divorce.

Katy Perry Russell Brand at an event

Katy Perry later revealed two things: Brand asked for a divorce via text message, which was the last time she spoke to him in any way. And for two weeks following the announcement she was absolutely devastated to the point of staying in bed, eating only junk food and drinking too much alcohol. She confessed to having suicidal thoughts, but clearly decided against it and instead pulled through.

When asked about their divorce later on, both of them said that they were very, very much in love. When listening to Russell Brand, he seems to have thought of her as the one. But he also admitted that it turned difficult very quickly once they were married, because they had to make it work. Conflicting schedules and busy careers, often on different continents because of Katy’s concert tour, took their toll on the marriage.

In an interview with Howard Stern, two days after his divorce was finalized, Brand spoke candidly about his marriage to Katy Perry and their subsequent divorce. He still felt nothing but love for her and insisted that he wouldn’t go on record saying anything that could potentially hurt her, because she is a good person. He also said that they had a lovely relationship, which mostly didn’t work out for practical reasons.

Most of that was certainly confirmed by Katy herself, but she also said that she wasn’t ready to be the mother of his children, which also contributed to the failure of their marriage. Brand said that they did have the discussion of starting a family, but would not divulge further details. Katy eventually alluded to there being another reason that had nothing to do with her, but she kept silent as to what that reason might be.

Katy Perry with her one time boyfriend John Mayer

Despite never having spoken again after their hurtful break-up, neither Brand nor Perry have been speaking too badly about the other. Katy did allude that Russell didn’t like how she was the boss on tour, perhaps being too much of a lady’s man himself. But outside of that they kept it civil.

Further details of their actual divorce don’t seem to be public. Russell Brand merely said that he didn’t want any of Katy’s money and given that they both have very successful careers, it is highly unlikely that one could want anything from the other.

As the dust settled on their marriage and divorce, Katy Perry was seen dating John Mayer. The couple kept it up for quite some time, but have since separated as well. Katy has been linked to several potential candidates recently, but nothing seems to be confirmed.

Russell Brand in turn dated Jemima Khan for quite some time, but their relationship ended only two months ago in September.

In the case of Katy Perry and Russell Brand mad love was not enough. Perhaps they were simply at different stages of their lives, wanting different things. Perhaps they could have worked harder at it or perhaps they should never have married to begin with. It is not for us to say. Hopefully they’ll find happiness with new partners in the future, building families when they are ready.

The one truly unforgivable aspect in all this, and it must be said, is Russell Brand’s cowardly break-up/divorce text message to his now ex-wife. Whatever may have transpired between them that they are not talking about, of course nobody deserves that.

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Jemima Khan-Russell Brand's one time girlfriend

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