Was Katie Holmes put off dating and marriage for good after her divorce from Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes has famously been married to and divorced from Tom Cruise. She has not really returned to dating since the divorce and she is reportedly not speaking to the father of her child.

Divorce finalized in July 2012

Katie Holmes stole many hearts as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, even that of co-star Joshua Jackson, who she dated for some time. After Joshua and Dawson’s Creek she dated actor Chris Klein for nearly five years and was even engaged to him, but the couple called it quits in 2005. And only a  few weeks after that relationship ended, Katie began dating Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise look great together

Tom was obviously crazy about her, which was evidenced particularly when he jumped around on Oprah Winfrey’s sofa. Some called him simply crazy because of this incident. But despite a lot of public doubt and many people wondering about the couple’s age difference and their respective differences in fame and fortune, they were engaged by June 2005.

They married in November 2006 in a Scientology ceremony in Italy. Since that could possibly be called into question for its validity, it was also ensured that everybody knew that the two had an official state wedding the day before in Los Angeles. And, of course, the couple had signed a prenup.

Long before they were married Tom and Katie had welcomed daughter Suri, back in April 2006.

Between 2005 and 2011 Katie hardly worked at all. She was mostly Tom’s arm-candy and mother to Suri. Whether she was truly happy like that is hard to say. She never really said anything about it. She does adore her daughter, of course, but given how she returned to work in 2011 with a vengeance, one could say that she probably missed it.

Katie Holmes with boyfriend Jamie Foxx

That’s just as well, because according to the little we know about the prenup, she didn’t get spousal support from Tom in the divorce. So Katie has to be able to sustain herself.

The divorce came completely out of the blue. Katie filed at the end of June in 2012, citing irreconcilable differences. The rumour mill went absolutely wild, with many so-called sources claiming that Katie’s main gripe was with Tom’s Scientology involvement. Some claimed that she feared he would abduct their daughter to send her to a Scientology school. That sounds somewhat ridiculous, because why would he abduct his own daughter? We do know, though, that at age six Suri could have started to attend school there.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise dayout with daughter Suri

Katie had initially tried to get into the whole Scientology thing, but apparently didn’t find it to her liking. Smart girl.

She reportedly just wanted to get out of the marriage by the time she filed for divorce and had no issue adhering to the prenup. She didn’t want anything from Tom. Nothing but his signature that is. Oh, and a promise that Suri would never have to attend a residential school. In other words, no boarding school, Scientology or otherwise.

Tom did not contest the request and signed. In fact, this divorce must be one of the quickest Hollywood divorces to ever be decreed, because it was settled only 11 days after filing. One might be inclined to think that Tom did not want to drag out the public humiliation.

Katie did get child support, of course. Tom is said to fork out $400,000 annually for Suri and will pay pretty much all expenses relating to her education and health care. Katie was apparently also able to keep all the jewellery and other stuff that Tom had gifted her with during their marriage.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise holding hands

Nowadays it’s been said that the two don’t communicate directly at all, not even about Suri. Katie has primary physical custody of the girl and is seen with her just about everywhere. The girl is attending private school and Katie has tried to raise her as normally as possible, making her do chores and stuff instead of treating her like a princess, which had been previously the case.

When asked recently if she is dating, she said that she doesn’t want to answer that question. It can’t be easy for her to get a date, no matter how pretty she is. She comes with more baggage than most men would like. She has been linked to Jamie Foxx earlier this year, but both have denied those rumours and the two haven’t really been seen out and about in a way that suggests that they are dating.

Katie also said she barely feels like an adult woman, winging it like most of us. But she has grown and learned a lot in the last few years and somehow seems to be happy as a single working mother. Dating doesn’t seem to be her priority right now and after her first experience with marriage, she might not be in a hurry to go down the aisle again. Then again, she may simply want to stay away from Scientologists.

Tom on the other hand seems to have left his third marriage behind with nothing more than a bruised ego. People tend to wonder whether he is on the lookout for wife number four, who reportedly would have to be approved by Scientology first. Several young women have been mentioned in this context, but so far it’s nothing more than idle gossip.

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Wedding

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