Kathleen Glynn’s divorce from Michael Moore took over a year and wasn’t entirely amicable

Michael Moore‘s divorce from Kathleen Glynn made one thing clear, despite advocating for the 99%, he’s definitely one of the 1% where his net worth is concerned. Divorce finalized on 22nd July 2014

The couple married in 1991 after nine years of dating. One might ask what took them so long, but perhaps they just didn’t get around to it earlier. Coming from similar backgrounds, the two have made their wealth themselves and that means there was most definitely no prenup.

Kathleen Glynn and Michael Moore bag an Award

It was Michael who filed for divorce in June 2013. At that point the marriage was broken beyond preservation.

Whilst not an awful lot has been reported on the divorce proceedings between the filing and the finalization, it has been hinted that the divorce was not necessarily amicable. There was some disagreement as to when the couple actually split, for instance.

According to Michael they have been separated since 2010, but Kathleen said they separated at the time the divorce was filed. There’s some discrepancy here, but it’s pretty obvious that the marriage was over for some time, especially for Michael.

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It has also been reported that Michael took over the couple’s finances, because of Kathleen’s excessive spending habits, which especially manifested themselves when she extended their already big lake-front property, which is worth about $2 Million. Apparently she made quite a dent in the marital funds.

Given that the couple owned 9 properties together and were worth an estimated $50 Million, Michael Moore was apparently quite conscious of how he was perceived by the public.

His get-up as your Joe Average, who’s one of the 99%, fighting social injustices as well as highlighting huge issues in America (among them his famous Bowling for Columbine documentary) doesn’t sit well with his actual net-worth. But he has made 9 documentaries so far and has written 8 books. Obviously he does have to have an income, but it’s not usually one he would broadcast.

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One reason, it has been speculated, as to why he chose to settle with Kathleen instead of battling it out in court, was the disclosure of all his assets as well as potential bodies buried in various basements, figuratively speaking of course.

Michael Moore is in a peculiar position and it doesn’t surprise that he didn’t want too many details to go public. As it was it must have already riled him to have the details that we do know exposed.

Be that as it may, the couple took just over a year to arrive at their settlement. In all likelihood there was a division of assets, although we’re not partial to the details. Michael and Kathleen were business partners and she did produce some of his documentaries, so the rights weren’t just his alone.

It’s somewhat sad that their 30-year union ended this way, but that’s the way love goes sometimes.

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Michael Moore & Kathleen Glynn at a red carpet event

Michael Moore & Kathleen Glynn arrive at an event

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