Katharine McPhee and her “he said, she said” divorce battle

Katharine McPhee married Nick Cokas in 2008, allegedly cheated on him in 2013 and, after trying to reconcile earlier last year, ended up filing for divorce after all.

Apparently Katharine likes her men older, as she finds them more experienced and grounded in life. Thus it was not much of a surprise when she married Nick Cokas, who is almost twenty years her senior. The couple married in 2008 and not much was heard about their marriage in the intervening years.

Katharine McPhee & Nick Cokas Wedding

For the most part we can assume that they were reasonably happy.

All that changed in 2013 when Katharine was photographed kissing another man; a married man at that. It remains anyone’s guess what could have possessed Michael Morris, one of the directors on Smash, the show Katharine starred in, married to Mary McCormack and father of three, to be seen publicly kissing Katharine, who was also married at the time for all anyone knew.

The incident produced a rather unpleasant scandal. And not only embarrassed it Katharine and Michael, but also their respective spouses. Katharine later claimed that she and her husband had been on a break. The same could not be said for Michael Morris and his wife, however, and apparently Mary McCormack threw Michael out of their home. Their relationship certainly hung in the balance for a while, but in the meantime it has been reported that the pair reconciled.

Katharine and Nick on the other hand went into marriage counselling and appeared to be patching up their own marriage as well. But in May 2014 Katharine filed for divorce. In her filing she listed the separation date as sometime in March 2013, which was before her fling with Michael Morris. That directly contradicts reports from March 2014, in which the couple was said to be working on their marriage. Photographs of Katharine and Nick from that time appear to show them in an amicable relationship at the very least.

Katharine McPhee & Nick Cokas at an Awards function

Nick responded with a filing for divorce of his own and gave the separation time as May 2014. And so things are becoming rather interesting all of a sudden. This is clearly a classic case of he said, she said situation and it could cost Katharine dearly, because Nick wants spousal support. Perhaps Katharine considered the relationship essentially over since March 2013. We don’t want to go so far as to call her a liar. But Nick claims to have evidence in the form of emails and text messages confirming their relationship status as a couple.

Depending on the date that will be agreed on as the separation date when the divorce gets finalized, Katharine may owe Nick more money than she would like to hand over. Nick, who accuses his estranged wife of being a liar and a cheater, is not likely to let up in this case, which means it could get rather messy. Katharine doesn’t seem to be able to prove that their relationship was indeed over and so Nick seems to be in a stronger position.

The divorce is still being processed and there is no doubt that the gossip magazines will latch onto every morsel of information they can find.

Katharine McPhee & Nick Cokas day out with pets

In the meantime, however, Katharine appears to be rather unconcerned and has been seen with her Scorpion co-star Elyes Gabel. The two were most definitely kissing and holding onto each other in what cannot be described as platonic. Needless to say that they are not forthcoming about the status of their relationship, but the Internet considers them an item at this stage.

Interestingly Elyes is very much the same age as Katharine. It seems he has charmed her beyond her usual preference for older men. And he seems to be enthralled with her despite the accusations her ex makes against her.

It is not uncommon for co-stars to fall in love, but it is also not uncommon for them to fall out of love again. Katharine is working on an increasingly successful career, but her private life is a little messy right now. Let’s hope she can figure it out soon and enjoy happiness in every part of her life.

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Katharine McPhee cozying up with current boyfriend Elyes Gabel

Katharine McPhee & Nick Cokas look perfect together

Katharine McPhee & Nick Cokas look cheerful

Katharine McPhee & Nick Cokas holding hands

Katharine McPhee & Nick Cokas share a laugh

Katharine McPhee-Nick Cokas night out