Kate Hudson never wanted to get divorced again, so she ended her engagement to Matt Bellamy

Kate Hudson has been married once to Chris Robinson. Not wanting to ever get divorced again, she rather ended her long engagement to Matthew Bellamy than walking down the aisle uncertain.

Divorce finalized in 2007

Most people, who have done divorce once, don’t recommend it. Kate Hudson seems to be one of those people. She was married to musician Chris Robinson from 2000 to 2007. They divorced mostly because their lifestyles became increasingly incompatible.

Chris Robinson-Kate Hudson's first husband

Kate’s star was rising right when they got married and Chris liked to go on tour with his band. And when he was home, so was his band or other musicians. Kate said once it didn’t bother her to find people sleeping in her living room when she had to get up at 5 in the morning to go on set, but it probably wasn’t her idea of starting the morning bright and early either.

Together the two had son Ryder, who was three when the couple decided to get a divorce. Thankfully it was an amicable divorce. Kate and Chris had arrived at the conclusion that they shouldn’t be married any more together. Perhaps it had never been a good idea to get married to begin with. Kate was still nearly a baby when she married Chris, who is 13 years her senior. At such a young age the difference matters.

Kate Hudson hugs boyfriend Matthew Bellamy

And it was in 2000 that Kate found fame with Almost Famous, which certainly wasn’t conducive to keeping their private lives private.

In the end the two remained friends, close friends even, talking almost every day and raising Ryder together as best as possible. With Chris being on tour and Kate being on set, the boy spent much time with his grandparents.

After her divorce Kate was associated with a number of men, among them Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong. But there was nobody steady around. Not until she met and fell in love with Matthew Bellamy, another musician.

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson at an Awards

The two got engaged in 2011. They had son Bingham together. Somehow, once more, the relationship didn’t live up to expectations. For most of 2014 there were rumours that Kate and Matthew had split. They were rarely seen together, Kate went out without her engagement ring, and they did little to refute the rumours.

When they officially called off their engagement in December 2014, it was almost old news. And they also confirmed that they had been separate for quite a while. No surprises there.

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy dineout

Kate candidly spoke out about the split later on, saying that relationships are hard work and if you’re not sure about getting married to someone, it probably wasn’t a good idea. She knew it was entirely possible to live a whole life together without putting a ring on it. Her mother and the man she calls ‘pa’, Kurt Russell, have been together for more than three decades now. They both had been married before getting together, Goldie Hawn even twice, and didn’t think that it was necessary to walk down the aisle again.

And if you don’t want another divorce, then don’t get married again.

Just like it had been with Chris, it seems that Kate’s and Matt’s lifestyle’s clashed. He wasn’t keen on Hollywood and she couldn’t do the touring.

They, too, split amicably. And both want to remain dedicated co-parents to Bingham.

Perhaps both boys will grow up to call another man ‘pa’, who’s not married to their mother, but who is always going to be there for them, just like Kurt was there for Kate. Unlike her own father Bill Hudson, who seems to be the only one in all this who had anything negative to say.

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Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson snapped at an event

Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson arrive at an event

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson at a red carpet event

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson look stunning

Chris Robinson & Kate Hudson look gorgeous


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