Kate Beckinsale is en route to her first divorce, but remains friendly with the men in her life

Kate Beckinsale is a bit of a traditional girl. She would have married Michael Sheen, father of her one and only daughter, if he had asked her. He never did and perhaps it’s for the better, because the two remain close to this day, even though they split many years ago.

Michael Sheen-Kate Beckinsale's first husband

Apparently Kate once asked him why he never asked and he replied that every time he had considered it, she had done something annoying. Well, it’s a reason and at least he was honest.

The two split in 2002 or 2003 after a relationship that lasted approximately nine years. Their daughter Lily was born in 1999. As far as we know there was never a custody arrangement after the split, because there didn’t need to be. Kate and Michael remained close friends and that meant Michael remained a father figure in his daughter’s life.

The end of their relationship is wrought with rumours, however, because Kate apparently left Michael for her future husband Len Wiseman. The two had met on the set of Underworld and Kate had even asked Len to hire Michael for the movie. The exact timeline of one relationship ending and the other one beginning is unknown to us, but all three have always maintained that there was no infidelity. Kate and Michael were over before Kate started dating Len.

Kate Beckinsale with second husband Len Wiseman

The only person who ever called Kate a home wrecker was Len’s ex-wife. She was still married to Len when he started seeing Kate. But again, Len maintained that his marriage was over in 2002 and that he never cheated on his wife. He just hadn’t been legally divorced yet, a fact that Kate was undoubtedly aware of.

Kate and Len married in 2004.

She often remarked how proud she was that everyone managed to get along just fine. Michael and Len have always been friendly, there’s no fighting and when Kate needs her support system, both men are there for her. And both men are fathers to Lily.

Kate and Len never had children of their own, however. Kate spoke repeatedly on the matter, saying that the time didn’t feel right or that Lily wasn’t too keen on a sibling and at some point the age gap would simply have been too big to have another much younger baby. Kate is only 42, which means she could have another child. But she is currently single and given what she said in the past, it is highly unlikely that she would want one.

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman look great together

But what about Len? Was being a step-father to Lily enough for him or did he wish for a biological child as well? We don’t know. He never said anything about the matter, but should he end up becoming a father in the future, we might have the answer to that question.

When news emerged in November 2015 that Len and Kate were splitting up, the two had reportedly been separated for quite a few months. It had been repeatedly noted that they had been seen out without their wedding rings, that appearances together were increasingly rare and that they had essentially lived separate lives for quite some time.

Additionally Len had been seen out with 24-year old model CJ Franco on more than one occasion. Rumour had it that Kate had wanted to keep things under wraps and had asked Len to be discreet with other women. It doesn’t look as if he cared or the paparazzi simply smelled foul and were onto him anyway.

There’s never been much of an official statement by Len or Kate. Kate said shortly after the news broke that she was doing fine and that was about it. We don’t even know that the divorce has been filed, which means it could be a while before it is finalized.

For now Kate and Len continue to lead separate lives and it seems unlikely that they’ll reconcile. They are not seen out together and neither of them seems to even want to make the effort.

Since Kate has a good record of remaining friendly with her exes, there’s no reason to doubt that this divorce won’t be resolved in an amicable fashion.

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Len Wiseman & Kate Beckinsale arrive at an event

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman look stunning in black

Len Wiseman & Kate Beckinsale dayout

Kate Beckinsale & Michael Sheen look happy

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