Kaley Cuoco’s whirlwind romance and marriage to Ryan Sweeting ended after only 21 months

Kaley Cuoco married Ryan Sweeting after only six months. Madly in love at first, the two separated after a 21-month marriage and are now divorced.

Divorce finalized May 2016

Kaley Cuoco is best known for her portrayal as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, where she had an on-off relationship with Leonard, whom she finally married after 9 seasons. In real life she also had a relationship with the actor who portrays Leonard, Johnny Galecki. And whilst their relationship didn’t last, the two remained good friends.

Kaley Cuoco and first husband Ryan Sweeting look superhot

In 2013 Kaley met Ryan Sweeting, who was a tennis pro at the time. He had only one title to his name, so one would be forgiven for not knowing his name. Kaley later said that she knew instantly that Ryan was the one and the two were clearly smitten with one another. They were engaged within two months (some say three) of knowing each other and only six months into their relationship, on New Year’s Eve 2013, the two were married.

They even had a brief mock-ceremony on The Ellen Show, where Ryan surprised Kaley.

Whilst Kaley signed a new three-year contract to stay on TBBT, Ryan’s career saw a slump. Due to injuries he was forced to retire as a pro tennis player in 2015.

Their marriage was plagued with rumours early on, but for the longest time the couple maintained a united front and denied that there was trouble in paradise. Eventually, however, it became clear that they were both unhappy and Kaley filed for divorce early October 2015, only a few days after the estranged couple announced that they were indeed separating.

Kaley Cuoco with current boyfriend Karl Cook

The divorce papers apparently show their separation date as early September, meaning they had kept a lid on things for a few weeks before finally pulling the plug.

There’s been much speculation as to what led to the split. It’s been said that Ryan had been pretty down due to his injuries and career slump. He had reportedly been unambitious and preferred to be at home instead of doing something.

Kaley decided that enough was enough and left. Naturally more upbeat and positive, nothing she tried apparently worked to help Ryan and eventually she gave up. Whilst none of this has truly been confirmed, it does seem a likely scenario and multiple so-called sources have spoken along similar lines.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting dayout

It seems their infatuation with one another wasn’t strong enough to handle real life and so their marriage crumbled. There is a case to be made for couples to know each other a little longer than a few months before embarking on a life-long journey together. Or rather, attempting to embark on such a journey. Clearly the attempt failed.

Kaley was saddened by the demise of her marriage, but on The Ellen Show she was also somewhat embarrassed and rather conscious of the fact just how short-lived it had been. She admitted that she had hoped to have a baby by now; instead she faced her first divorce.

In another interview she added that it certainly screwed with her life’s plan as she had imagined it. She was also more wary about getting married again, though at the time she said she couldn’t wait to fall in love again.

And apparently that’s exactly what she did. For about two months now she has been dating Karl Cook, a 25-year old equestrian. The two seem quite taken with one another and there’s even been a rumour that Karl asked Kaley to move in with her. Some wonder if she intends to get married again so soon.

Her divorce was finalized right at the beginning of May and thanks to a prenup Kaley kept pretty much everything: Her estimated $72 million fortune and two houses. Ryan received a payment of $165,000, payable in two instalments, Kaley was ordered to pay his legal fees, though no more than $55,000, as well as nearly $200,000 for Ryan’s personal trainers. Apparently he also got to keep a bunch of gift vouchers that hadn’t been used yet.

Whilst Kaley rushed into her first marriage, she had at least enough business acumen to protect her financial interests.

It seems somewhat unlikely that she would rush into another marriage so soon. As much as we wish her happiness and love, it would be rather worrisome, if she were to marry in a similar fashion like the first time again. It didn’t work out the first time and one would hope that Kaley learned from those mistakes.

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Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting look stunning

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