Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel don’t seem to be divorcing any time soon

They’ve been a couple for seven years now, married for two and only had a three-month relationship break a few years back, but somehow divorce rumors persist.

They met at the beginning of 2007, shortly after Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz had ended their relationship. They must have hit it off fairly quickly, because by May 2007 everyone took Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for a couple.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake wedding

The pair was regularly photographed on dates, sharing their affection for each other publicly, walking their dogs, walking the red carpet and endorsing Barack Obama in 2008. But somehow gossip magazines just can’t let a young couple be happy and in 2009 rumors swirled that Justin had dumped Jessica for Rihanna. Obviously that turned out to be completely false, and Justin and Jessica continued happily in their relationship.

At least until 2011. In March Justin and Jessica released a statement about their breakup, which was apparently mutual. Nobody could rightly say what happened. It happened shortly after Jessica threw Justin a surprise 30th birthday party. She reportedly told everyone in attendance how very much in love she was with her then-boyfriend, who didn’t quite respond in kind. Shortly before that he had taken his mother to the Academy Awards instead of his girlfriend, already indicating that all might not be well.

Perhaps Jessica loved Justin more at that time than he did her, or her open display of just how much she loved him was more than he could handle then. He had just turned 30. That might’ve been a little overwhelming and perhaps he wasn’t quite ready to settle down. It happens.

Jessica Biel gets cozy with Justin Timberlake

What’s more important, however, is that they pair reunited after only three months apart. And after their break they were stronger than ever as a couple. Sometimes a little time apart makes one realize just how much two people belong together after all. It might have been a good thing for them to split at that time rather than drag something out that might have broken irretrievably in the long run.

They prevailed against all odds and finally married in October 2012 in a very secret ceremony among their family and friends in Italy. Not every romance takes a straightforward course, neither did theirs, but so far they have managed to make it through to the other end and find happiness together.

Their relationship can’t be an easy one, however. They’re both busy stars, Jessica has a successful acting career and Justin is an extremely successful musician, who also stars in movies every now and then. They likely don’t spend half as much time together as they might like to, so they have to work extra hard at spending time together and just being a couple.

Cameron Diaz-Justin Timberlake's ex flame

When they’re photographed out and about, they always look like a happy couple, and they make a picture perfect one at red carpet events. But for whatever reason Star magazine decided to report that they are headed for a shocking divorce. There’s no proof for this whatsoever. Aside from dodgy sources claiming Jessica is jealous of the women Justin meets or works with on tour, they have nothing going for that story. Simply because Justin has been seen dancing with one of his backup singers, publicly at that, doesn’t mean his marriage is over or he is cheating on his wife.

Justin and Jessica have been a couple for seven years now. Their three-month break is almost negligible, though it might have been necessary for their relationship in the long run. They have already beaten quite a few odds that many celebrity couples face.

For a while now more pleasant rumors have been making the rounds that Jessica is, in fact, pregnant. A few very recent images certainly make it look that way. Jessica is well known for her slim, athletic figure and she looked a little less svelte recently, often wearing clothes somewhat concealing her figure. The pair has yet to officially confirm a pregnancy.

Instead of spreading divorce rumors that have no basis whatsoever, it would be a much better idea to wish those two happiness and hopefully soon congratulations on their first child together.

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