Justin and Lindsay Hartley – another Hollywood couple divorced because of busy careers?

Justin and Lindsay Hartley managed to hold their marriage together for 8 years after meeting on the set of Passions. But ultimately the marriage between the two actors ended in divorce. Divorce finalized 2012

Admittedly, Justin and Lindsay Hartley are certainly not A-listers or even leading stars on TV, but both of them have had pretty solid careers on TV, which is how the met to begin with.

Lindsay Korman and Justin Hartley wedding

The two met in 2002 on the set of daytime soap Passions, where they both starred for a number of years, when Justin joined the cast. In 2003 they began dating and after only six months of doing that they were engaged.

In May 2004 they were married and only two months later their daughter was born. Clearly those two were a bit in a hurry to be together and start a family. And Lindsay said as much in an interview once.

It is therefore safe to say that they did love each other at the time and did want to be together, despite the fact that their initial courtship appears to be rather rushed. But if they hadn’t wanted to be together, they wouldn’t have made it for another eight years. In their industry that’s quite an achievement.

Both continued with their busy careers acting on TV shows and made for TV-movies, though Lindsay took a little time out to be with her daughter for a while as well.

Lindsay Korman and Justin Hartley with daughter Isabella at a halloween party

We don’t know why their marriage ended. In May 2012 Lindsay filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. She asked for joint legal and physical custody for their daughter, but apparently not for spousal support. We don’t even know if there was some kind of prenup for the two.

There’s very little to indicate what might have happened in their relationship. Ultimately we can only guess at the most common factors, one of which is their busy careers. Justin is and was arguably a lot busier and he has starred on some pretty successful TV shows.

Perhaps the couple simply drifted apart, living separate lives more than sharing a life together. Their split doesn’t appear to have been acrimonious, which would likely have made the news. And in acrimonious splits there is usually some contention for the custody of a child as well.

Lindsay has lately taken a step back and has hardly made an appearance anywhere this year. So we don’t even know if she is currently dating anyone.

Justin on the other hand has been with fellow actor Chrishell Stause since last year and has been seen out an about with her several times. And when you look at her and his ex it is safe to say that Justin clearly has a type.

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Chrishell Stause- Justin Hartley's current girlfriend

Chrishell Stause & Justin Hartley look stunning together

Lindsay Korman and Justin Hartley with daughter Isabella

Lindsay Korman and Justin Hartley look stunning

Justin Hartley & Lindsay Korman dayout

Justin Hartley & Lindsay Korman at a red carpet event

Lindsay Korman and Justin Hartley hug