Josh Lucas divorces after a two-year marriage and whirlwind romance

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez and Josh Lucas started like a Hollywood romcom by meeting in a dog park. There was tragedy, a proposal followed by marriage and a son. Then it was all over and they headed for divorce.

Divorce finalized November 28, 2014

Josh Lucas met his future wife in a New York dog park. According to Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, who didn’t believe in love at first sight, ‘lightning definitely struck’. 

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez & Josh Lucas at an eventThe two began dating and soon Jessica felt compelled to tell Josh that she had been diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer. He said he was already ‘in it’ and proposed to her once she started treatment, only six weeks after they first met.

It must have been love.

They married in March 2012 and not long after, son Noah arrived. And whilst the couple always looked happy on the outside, a perfect little family unit with their baby boy, apparently it wasn’t so. Jessica, who blogged about their relationship and later divorce on Huffington Post, once described their relationship as toxic.

It seems Josh and Jessica loved each other, and their son above all, but they weren’t really good with or for each other. It’s easy to see how the relationship failed so quickly.

Play time for Jessica Ciencin Henriquez & Josh Lucas with son Noah

In Hollywood romcoms we only ever get to see how two people finally get together, but we rarely ever see the ‘happily ever after’ or the mess that life can become once you’re married, sharing a life and all its ups and downs. Josh’s and Jessica’s romance began like a Hollywood movie. And it proceeded very fast in its early days.

It would appear they weren’t prepared for the reality that came after, though. They didn’t really know each other well enough and hadn’t lived with each other long enough to find out how to work together as a couple. They’d thrown themselves into it all and clearly ran into problems.

In January 2014 it all came crashing down and Jessica filed for divorce. According to TMZ she asked for spousal support, child support, medical and dental coverage, lawyer’s fees and life insurance. She’s a freelance writer. It’s not surprising that she asked for all of the above.

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez & Josh Lucas awesomeness

On TMZ they made it out as if she was greedy and demanding, but looking at how her relationship with Josh unfolded in the aftermath of their divorce, it doesn’t seem that way at all.

Josh and Jessica aimed for as amicable a divorce as possible. Whilst Josh said once that he wouldn’t wish divorce on anyone, he also expressed his hope that he and Jessica would continue to make it through the ordeal as well as they had, remaining great friends. And, as is often the case, with their son’s best interest in mind.

Since they announced the divorce, signed the papers and finalized the divorce, they have been seen together frequently, have gone on holiday together and according to a fairly recent report, Josh still calls Jessica his wife. That was a month after their divorce had been finalized.

Some take it as a sign for a possible reunion, but perhaps this is just the way these two work best together. It’s not unheard of that estranged and even divorced couples re-marry, but why try to fix something that works just fine the way it is? Clearly marriage didn’t work so well for them.

Josh said that he wasn’t back in the dating game yet and it doesn’t seem that Jessica is either. Whichever path these two will take, they’ve learned their lesson and will surely work it out.


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