Are Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt after 18 years together truly over?

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt were never married, but after 18 years together they might as well have been. In September last year they announced their split.

Separation in September 2015

Jon and Jennifer met in 1997 at a party. Neither of them had done much work as an actor yet, which means they’ve been pretty much together since they started out in Hollywood. But from the late 1990s onwards work was not a problem for the couple and they have each collected plenty of credits to their name.

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Having been together for such a long time and always at each other’s sides, it’s understandably difficult to imagine these two separately. Ever since their faces became recognizable and they had any fame to their names, it was always Jon and Jen together.

Despite having one of the longest-lasting and seemingly happiest relationships in Hollywood, the couple never married. Both their parents had divorced and they never felt the need to put a ring on it. Jon and Jen were committed to each other and always supportive of one another.

More pressing than the question of their marital status, however, became the one about having children. They each had various things to say about that in the last couple of years. Jennifer, for instance, had always hoped that a defining moment would present itself, where children might become an option. But she also considered their life together too unique and perhaps even chaotic to add children to the mix.

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Jon said that he wouldn’t rule out having children, but he had seen too many of their friends become parents and it hadn’t turned out so great – at least looking in from the outside.

Jennifer added that there were different ways of ‘procuring’ children, hinting that adoption may well be an option if it ever came to it. As it is, when the couple announced their split, they were 44 and 45, respectively, which puts Jennifer certainly at the very edge of her birth giving years. She is 46 now, which makes pregnancy increasingly unlikely.

Of course, Jon could father children for many more years to come.

The question of whether or not to have children has been offered as one reason why the couple ended up separating in September 2015. But it wasn’t only reason mentioned. Others said that Jennifer had become weary of mothering Jon, who had gone through rehab for alcohol addiction in the first half of 2015. She has always been there for him and his alcohol abuse was not a recent problem. Apparently she simply couldn’t do it anymore, however much she might have loved him or wanted to support him.

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On the other hand it has been said that Jon was quite aware of how much Jennifer had looked after him, which caused him to feel guilty. At the same time it was said that he had at least a bit of a wandering eye, even though he called Jennifer the love of his life. Clearly his partying ways weren’t for her, though.

Whatever the true reasons may be, it was likely a combination of things. One doesn’t just end things over a single reason after 18 years together. And as it stands, it may not even be fully over.

When the pair announced their split, they did so “with great sadness”. But they also said that they would continue to support “each other in every way possible moving forward”.

And that they certainly have done.

When Jon received his Emmy for his portrayal of Don Draper, he thanked Jen. They both showed up united and arms linked at the funeral of friend and director Mike Nichols. And others have said of the ex-couple that Jon and Jen were having a hard time after the split, clearly not easily getting over it.

Neither of them is currently known to be dating anyone else and it’s difficult to imagine that they are about to move into new relationships anytime soon. One just doesn’t leave 18 years of togetherness behind. And fans continue to hope that they will find a way back to each other anyway.


Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt look happy

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt st an Awards

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt st an Awards

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