Jon Bon Jovi is married to wife Dorothea for 27 years and counting

Jon Bon Jovi has a rock star career spanning 30 years. He’s been married to his wife almost as long and never once was the word ‘divorce’ uttered.

Jon Bon Jovi is not your typical rock star. His career began over 30 years ago and he’s been a hit almost from the get-go. His first two albums were number 1 hits and sold millions of times around the world. Even at 54 he still goes on tour.

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Most surprising and unusual, however, may be the fact that he is married to his high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley, with whom he has four children, three boys and a daughter.

Whilst there was a time when the two were not a couple, around four years according to Jon, Dorothea was the one for him. In 1989 they married in Las Vegas in a private and spontaneous little ceremony.

Jon said that the couple married without anyone’s knowledge and that his manager and band were pretty furious with him. After all, he was the lead singer of one of the biggest bands around and a sex symbol adored by hordes of young women. Needless to say that his marriage broke a few hearts, but Jon didn’t care what anyone thought or had to say. It seems there was never a time when he didn’t love Dorothea.

It’s unlikely that Dorothea has never been jealous of the attention Jon received from other women. It’s unlikely that she was never exasperated with his touring schedule. But Jon said that she knew what she was getting herself into and he was never unfaithful. He never gave into temptation and that there was plenty of that is hardly surprising.

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He never did drugs (after very early experiences as a teenager), never drank too much alcohol for it to become a problem, and he never cheated on his wife. That in itself is rare in a rock star of his calibre and shows his devotion to his wife and family. He credits them with keeping him grounded, because he had somewhere to come home to and he also says that he would hardly be alive without them, but would have lost himself in the world that Rock and Roll can be.

Jon Bon Jovi did say that he wasn’t a saint. That never seemed to imply that he had extramarital affairs, however. He seemed to refer mostly to the fact that his music and touring often came first and that he was an absent father at times.

He’s calmed down now. He is still busy, still making music, still going on tour. But he adores his family and spends time with them whenever he can. When his daughter accidentally overdosed on heroin a few years back, he was completely shocked. He never would have expected that one of his children could have fallen victim to drug use and he still says that he is grateful every day that she survived. That aside his children seem to have turned out remarkably well, especially as children of such a big star as Jon Bon Jovi.

We don’t know much about Dorothea and her life or thoughts. She is always by her husband’s side, always supportive, and sharing in his philanthropic endeavours. There’s not a single shred of evidence that the two ever had to worry about heading for a divorce and it’s not likely that the future will bring one either.


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