Since his first marriage and divorce John Stamos has not really settled down again

Notorious bachelor and TV heartthrob John Stamos has been married and divorced once. And whilst he hopes to have children in the future, another relationship seems far away. Divorce finalized in 2005

John Stamos is 52 years old and barely looks it. He’s still and always has been one of TV’s biggest heartthrobs. Yet on the relationship side of things he hasn’t fared too well.

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos look happy

Of course he has dated multiple eligible ladies and he was married for 7 years to model Rebecca Romijn. But since his divorce from her there hasn’t been a steady woman in his life.

Did Rebecca break his heart beyond repair? Hardly.

John has spoken about his marriage on multiple occasions and has never blamed his ex-wife for the failure of their marriage or his seeming inability to find love again. In fact, he only speaks well of his wife of about seven years.

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The two first met in 1994 and started dating in 1996. Their wedding was in 1998 and John said at some point that he had had ten years with her, something he apparently doesn’t regret. But they weren’t meant to be together forever. He wasn’t even sure if they should have married to begin with, because they ultimately didn’t work out.

The marriage was over long before it became public knowledge, though he didn’t want to talk about it at first and even accompanied Rebecca to the X-Men premiere when they were already living separate lives.

Much has been said about the reasons for their split. Among other things her rising star and his stagnating career were blamed for the rift.

Jerry O'Connell-Rebecca Romijn's current husband

It was also speculated that John had wanted children and Rebecca wasn’t ready. He is ten years her senior and after the divorce he did say that he hopes to have children, because he wouldn’t consider any of his accomplishments worthwhile, if he never had children.

When the divorce was announced, it was said that John had filed for it and that the divorce was not only amicable and mutual, but that no third party or any outside reason was responsible. John later said that it was no single event that led to the split. It happened gradually and seemingly inevitably.

But he was heartbroken over the split. He has said as much and it apparently got him in a spot of trouble later on, because he let his guard down, which resulted in him being blackmailed on apparently unfounded grounds.

Rebecca is now famously married to Jerry O’Connell with whom she has twin daughters. She married him in 2007. But John has continued as a pretty steadfast bachelor.

Of course he dates. Of course he has been linked to multiple women. But there wasn’t much in the long-term department, let alone a candidate to have a family with or get married to again.

At 52 John’s career is going very well indeed and he has certainly time to find a woman to settle down with and have children. But he should hurry up a little bit as time stops for no man.


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