Is John Mellencamp getting married to Meg Ryan four years after his divorce from Elaine Irwin?

John Mellencamp was married to a super model for 18 years. After the divorce he dated Meg Ryan for nearly four years. Now he may or may not get married again. Divorce finalized in August 2011.

John Mellencamp has been married and divorced three times now. According to himself, it’s always love and laughter in the beginning… until it turned to tears. His last marriage was that to Elaine Irwin and it lasted a total of 19 years.

John Mellencamp with his first wife Elaine Irwin

The couple had two sons together. John has another three children from his previous marriages, however.

John met Elaine when she modeled for the cover of his album Whenever We Wanted in 1991. She was barely 21 at the time. But they hit it off big time and were married within a year. They appear to have been happy throughout most of their marriage.

It was John who filed for divorce in January 2011, calling the marriage irretrievably broken down. Chances are that he and Elaine were already separated at that time, because soon after the news of the divorce broke, it was also reported that John was dating Meg Ryan. Too soon to assume that they had just met, and especially right after John decided to divorce his wife.

If Meg was a reason behind him filing for divorce is not quite clear, but it’s definitely a possibility. In all likelihood John and Elaine had fallen out of love some time before that. The divorce appeared to be mostly amicable and most details are unknown to the public.

Meg Ryan-John Mellencamp's current dating partner

John asked that Elaine drop his name from her hyphenated surname Irwin-Mellencamp and return to merely her maiden name instead. That request may have stung and Elaine did say at some point that the situation (as in the divorce as a whole) hadn’t been easy. But she was doing well and losing the hyphen is not unusual to begin with. She was known as Elaine Irwin in her modelling career anyway.

The divorce became final in August 2011. The ex-couple was granted shared legal custody for their sons and Elaine became the primary physical custodian of the boys. Single again after such a long marriage, Elaine seemed to be doing well on her own. But in 2012 she started dating Jay Penske, son of auto magnate Roger Penske, who is nine years younger than Elaine.

They were apparently quietly married in India at the end of 2012, which was unknown for the longest time and even their engagement had only been confirmed long after the fact. Early in 2013 they confirmed Elaine’s pregnancy and their daughter was born in May that same year.

Elaine Irwin and John Mellencamp snapped at an event

Clearly John and Elaine both moved on very quickly from their divorce, John even before that.

John and Meg Ryan have been dating on and off, mostly on, for about four years now. They seem to be a very stable couple, often seen together out and about in New York, where Meg lives with her daughter. John thus far preferred his native Indiana and had apparently sworn in the past never to move away again.

Consequently it was reported in August last year that Meg and John had split up and that the distance was to blame. Nothing else. Meg would never leave New York City and John didn’t want to leave Indiana. Add their busy careers into the mix and a middle ground would have been hard to find.

However, in December it was reported that John wasn’t ready to give up yet and would rather move to New York for Meg, whom he called an angel in the past, than be without her. It was even rumored that he was ready to pop the question. Closer magazine even had a cover story about the impending proposal.

Meg, who previously said she wouldn’t get married again, has not said anything herself yet. And apart from that particular story, it is not actually known, if a proposal has taken place. Some outlets seem to have taken the story of the couple’s engagement as truth, but there has been nothing new in the last few months.

It seems to be certain that they are back together after their brief split. So there may actually be hope of a marriage this year or next for the couple as well. We will wait and see.


Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp look frustrated

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp look happyMeg Ryan and John Mellencamp seem to be quarelling

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp holding handsMeg Ryan and John Mellencamp day out

John Mellencamp & Elaine Irwin at the 2007 Vanity Fair Oscar PartyElaine Irwin and John Mellencamp at a party