Elizabeth Huberdeau first gets blindsided by John Cena then settles in quickie divorce – was she paid off?

John Cena's divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau has left a stain on his squeaky clean image. The divorce was finalized in July 2012 and he is currently in a relationship with Nikki Bella with a possible engagement on the horizon.

John and Elizabeth

John Cena married his high school sweetheart in 2009, but since John was already a WWE star, there was a prenup. The couple seemed happy and nothing indicated that a divorce might be on the way, so when John all of a sudden filed for one in May 2012, his then-wife Elizabeth, short Liz, was completely blindsided. Or so she said.

Elizabeth Huberdeau & John Cena raise a toast

But apparently nobody else had seen it coming either and most news outlets and gossip magazines were quite surprised. John cited irreconcilable differences, but what those were remains a bit of a mystery as he never clarified his reasons.

There were speculations that the remodelling his wife undertook on their home had not only become hugely expensive but completely out of hand. Interestingly remodelling is a fairly common reason for divorce; sometimes it’s also an attempt to fix something that’s broken.

Whilst blindsided at first, Liz was quick to recover and soon hauled cheating accusations at her estranged husband. Some other wrestlers have supported those claims, alleging that Cena had cheated numerous times on his wife and that he had boasted about it as well.

Elizabeth Huberdeau & John Cena look happy


John himself didn’t comment on it, instead he forged ahead to settle the divorce as quickly as possible. Liz eventually withdrew her accusations and by July 18th, 2012, the divorce was signed, sealed and delivered.

It’s likely that the prenup was honoured, even though Liz wanted to contend it. The details of the settlement are confidential and one wonders if John didn’t pay his wife off. It isn’t very often that a divorce gets settled within two months of filing. Moreover, after her very loud accusations in the beginning it is a bit strange that Liz suddenly withdraws all of it and shuts up.

The divorce has been called amicable in the end and if money was involved that would certainly not come as a surprise.

Family time for Elizabeth Huberdeau & John Cena

John Cena has a very squeaky-clean image. He is hugely popular, most women seem to find him attractive, he is a 15-time WWE world champion and very engaged in the Make a Wish Foundation. His ex-wife’s allegations didn’t fit very well with his image.

Additionally it has been suggested that WWE’s celebration of its 1000th episode of Raw coming up later that year may have been an incentive to wrap things quickly. They wanted to start the season drama-free instead of having the focus on a nasty divorce.

John and NikkiNikki Bella and John Cena snapped at an event

Elizabeth has disappeared into obscurity after her divorce and John started dating current girlfriend WWE diva Nikki Bella four months after his divorce. Nikki Bella is one half of the Bella Twins with her sister Brie, and together they are a professional wrestling tag team.

John and Nikki  seem made for each other and are definitely going strong. In 2016, rumors of an impending proposal have emerged with fans eagerly lapping up every bit of information. Fans can also get a more intimate peek into Nikki and John’s relationship on the hit reality TV series Total Divas.


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Nikki Bella and John Cena look stunning together

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