Joe Scarborough divorced his ex-wife Susan very quietly and gave her fraction of his weekly income

Joe Scarborough is not a very likeable chap, but interestingly it was he who filed for divorce from Susan. And of his nearly $100K/week she gets $30K/month. Divorce finalized in January 2013

The news that Joe Scarborough had quietly divorced his wife in January 2013 after filing for divorce from her in September 2012 only made the rounds in October 2013.

Susan Waren and Joe Scarborough times together

Why did we not hear about it until so long after the fact and why did Joe continue to wear his wedding band on TV long after the divorce? Was he just being private or was he deceptive?

Joe Scarborough is now twice divorced. He was married first to his college girlfriend Melanie with whom he shares two adult sons. They were divorced in 1999.

He married Susan in October 2001, which means he filed for divorce just before their 11-year wedding anniversary. They also share two children together, a girl and a boy.

Interestingly the two made a public statement only when news of their divorce made the rounds. They asked for privacy and declared each other a “devoted and committed husband and father” and “a wonderful mother and trusted wife”.

Susan Waren and Joe Scarborough pose for a photoshoot

Why so specific?

The two did say that they would continue to remain friends and would co-parent their children as well. In fact, it later emerged that the two continued to live together in the same home even after the divorce (it’s not known if that is still the case today). They essentially split the family home into two halves, which would enable them to look after their children together and keep the semblance of a family. But they had rules as to when someone was allowed in the others bedroom and that they would not step over to the other side of the house after 7pm.

Neither of them has ever said anything else about their divorce, but a few details emerged afterward.

For instance, apparently Joe earns nearly $100K per week (!), but Susan would receive only $30K per month in alimony for the next five years and then $25K per month for another two years. Whilst that is certainly a lot of money by any standard, it’s still only a fraction of what Joe actually makes.

Susan did receive a one-off payment of $150,000 as well and Joe will continue to pay for the children’s education, but there won’t be any other form of child-support.

He certainly got a very cheap divorce.

How that is possible is not clear. Perhaps there was a prenup. Perhaps there were specific reasons for the divorce and Joe bullied Susan into accepting the deal or else…

We don’t know. Joe Scarborough is not actually a likeable person, at least not on TV. He’s arrogant and ignorant in many of his opinions and Susan is better off without him, if he is anything like that at home as well.


Susan Waren and Joe Scarborough say cheese

Joe Scarborough & Susan Waren arrive for an event