Joe Buck marries again three years after his first marriage was divorced

Joe Buck, a Fox sportscaster, is no one’s favourite and ended up falling out with his wife in 2010. Four years after that he remarried and seems happy with second wife Michelle Beisner. Divorce finalized 2011

Joe Buck is not a fan favourite among sportcasters. In fact, he’s one of the most heavily criticised and the blogosphere regularly has a go at him. So much so that nobody seemed entirely surprised that his wife of 15 years filed for divorce in 2010. Nobody really seems to consider him a likeable chap and that now included his wife.

Michelle Beisner-Joe Buck current wife

Despite being not a favourite with fans, however, Joe Buck has a considerable number of Sports Emmy Awards, which means he’s certainly considered one of the biggest in his field.

There was some speculation as to what led to the split.

A somewhat odd incident in Las Vegas may have contributed, though we have to call into question if that incident truly happened. Joe certainly didn’t conduct himself in a charming manner and faithfulness also didn’t seem to be high on his priority list.

Interestingly, the split was first reported as Ann and Joe taking a break from their marriage. Apparently it was Joe’s mother who spilled the beans. But clearly it was more than a break, because the two did not return to their marriage afterwards. In fact, the break became rather permanent.

Michelle Beisner and Joe Buck dayout

But what happened between him and his wife Ann may remain a mystery, unless Joe speaks about it in the book he is said to be writing.

The divorce was apparently finalized in 2011 and it would seem that Joe and Ann share custody of their two daughters. He has mentioned that he tries to spend as much time with the girls as possible and drags them out to events whenever possible. Clearly he is fond of his girls.

In 2014 he remarried.

We don’t know when he and Michelle Beisner started dating, but probably sometime in 2012 or 2013.

Their wedding was a private affair and the couple seems to be quiet happy. There’s even talk of adding another child to the family and it’s not too late for Michelle, who is 38.


Michelle Beisner and Joe Buck snapped at an event

Michelle Beisner and Joe Buck say cheese

Michelle Beisner and Joe Buck hit the gym