At 34 Jodie Sweetin is headed for her fourth marriage after her third divorce was finalized last year

At 34 former child-star Jodie Sweetin has been married and divorce three times already. Now she’s set to be married for the fourth time and, after many struggles, seems finally back on track. Divorces finalized in 2006, 2010 and 2015

Not all child stars end up as a hot mess once they become teenagers and young adults. Not all child stars make the transition to adult actors successfully. Not all child stars continue to pursue acting into adulthood at all.

Jodie Sweetin with first husband Cody Herpin

Jodie Sweetin became a child star when she was cast on Full House at age five. She stayed on until the shows finale and began experimenting with alcohol and drugs by the time she was 14. In her teens, after Full House was done, she had a handful of guest appearances here and there, but no regular work.

Instead she was well on track to become a hot mess and then a sad mess. At 20 she married for the first time, a police officer was her chosen one. Nothing wrong with that, but she started using crystal meth and obviously kept it a secret from her husband. When he found out, he hightailed it out of the marriage. The divorce was finalized in 2006.

What followed was a whirlwind romance with Cody Herpin, whom she met in May 2007 and married in Las Vegas in July 2007. Their daughter was born a year later, but before 2008 was over, Jodie had filed for legal separation. Jodie had been sober when she met and married Cody and their daughter was healthy. But she continued to struggle later on.

The divorce was contentious and Jodie feared to lose custody of her daughter at some point, especially since Cody claimed that Jodie was using again. Eventually the estranged couple finalized their divorce in April 2010, but the terms of it are unknown.

Jodie Sweetin with second husband Morty Coyle & daughter Beatrix

Jodie had already moved on by the time. She had also written about her drug and alcohol problems and her stints in rehab in an auto-biography.

By the time her divorce to Cody became final, Jodie was already in a new relationship with Morty Coyle. Their daughter was born in August 2010.

Despite having been down the aisle twice before Jodie said at the time of her engagement in 2011 that she and Morty were in no hurry to get married. They wanted to wait until all people could marry the person they love regardless of gender or sexual orientation. They got hitched in March 2012, however, long before the Supreme Court decided that everyone could indeed get married.

A year later Jodie filed for legal separation. This divorce also turned contentious. Jodie wanted full custody of the couple’s daughter whereas Morty wanted joint custody. He also requested that spousal support should be denied to Jodie. It took nearly two years for the differences to be set aside. The divorce was only finalized in 2015.

Once again Jodie had long since moved on. She is currently engaged to Justin Hodak and is planning a marriage for next summer. Jodie has been sober for five years now. When she was worried about losing custody for her first daughter, she finally took rehab seriously and pulled herself out of her difficulties.

She is also on the spin-off show Fuller House, which airs on Netflix these days and was a participant on Dancing with the Stars. She is happy and healthy and very clearly managed to turn her life around.

That does make her a positive example of failed child stars, one of too few. That she is heading for her fourth marriage at only 34 years old may raise a few eyebrows of course. Justin used to be an addict as well and he’s been sober for 11 years. He gets it better than anyone else and he is also a single father. Perhaps he will be the right one for Jodie. She has been through enough in her young life and deserves a happy ending.


Jodie Sweetin with current husband Justin Hodak

Jodie Sweetin & Justin Hodak look stunning