Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon are surrounded by a multitude of divorce rumours, but is any of it true?

There seems to be a number of reasons as to why Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth are headed for divorce. But as of now they are still very much married.

Reese Witherspoon has already been divorced once and given how she talks about the first time, she is probably not keen on repeating the experience. She married Ryan Phillippe in 1999 and after splitting in 2006 amidst cheating rumours, they divorced in 2007.

An expectant Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth take a walk

They both had their fair share to say about the divorce, but neither of them ever confirmed that cheating was the reason. Reese for instance said that her career slump at the time was in part to blame for the trouble they had in their marriage. After winning her Oscar in 2006 she simply wasn’t making any movies she truly cared about and the reviews showed as much.

Of course, there’s also the ominous Oscar love curse, which seems to follow women around who have won the Oscar for best actress (and even best supporting actress) and are subsequently divorcing or separating from their partners.

Ryan on the other hand divulged to Larry King earlier this year that he thinks that he and Reese were simply awfully young when they were married. Reese was only 21 when they first met. And given how much pressure is put on the young and beautiful of Hollywood and everything else that a couple in this industry has to face, Ryan doesn’t seem surprised that they didn’t last.

Now the exes are on friendly terms and have been successfully co-parenting their two children, who seem to have turned out remarkably well.

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon arrive at an event

After dating Jake Gyllenhaal for two years, Reese eventually married talent agent Jim Toth in 2011. Son Tennessee arrived in the year 2012 and since last year at least there have been various rumours that the two are on the verge of a split.

When the two had a DUI incident, it became a pretty infamous situation. But since then it’s been fairly quiet around the couple and since they didn’t split then, why would they now?

For starters, Jim allegedly wants another child. Reese is turning 40 next year and the clock is definitely ticking. But Reese already has three children and it’s easy for a guy to say he wants more kids. He’s not the one to carry the child. Rumour has it she’s definitely not keen and since she has more than fulfilled her quote, one can’t blame her.

Then there’s the rumour that she wouldn’t stop using Botox to remain wrinkle-free and competitive as a young actress, but that Jim doesn’t like it and wanted her to age naturally. Since she decided to do just that, the couple seems to be back to happy. Again, this has merely been alleged. There’s not a shred of evidence supporting this.

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon at the Cannes

Another rumour has it that the two are at odds over daughter Ava’s potential film career. Apparently the teenager, now 16, has expressed an interest in acting. But whilst Jim is all for it, he is a talent agent after all, Reese is not so easily convinced. She’s been an actress at that age herself and simply wants Ava to enjoy her teenage years instead of starting to work in the industry already.

How this particular rumour can be taken seriously is a different issue entirely. Whilst Jim is certainly the stepfather here, Ryan would have to have a word on the matter as well and one that should count for more than Jim’s. Ryan has a pretty close relationship to his daughter and it’s unlikely that Jim would be able to overrule him.

This would then merely be an argument between Reese and Jim, but not something Jim had any true influence over.

Lastly there have been witness accounts that Jim’s been a frequent visitor to a local bar and that the amount of alcohol consumption he submits himself to daily is rather unhealthy. Again, this is only hearsay and that the witnesses in question are in any way reliable is unlikely.

Neither Jim nor, more importantly, Reese have addressed any of those rumours directly. Reese tweeted a touching message on their 4th anniversary earlier this year and for now we have to assume that they are still together and that all of these rumours are without substance.

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Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth day out

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon day out

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