How Jillian Barberie‘s marriage to the love of her life Grant Reynolds ended in divorce

Jillian Barberie has been married twice. When she married Grant Reynolds she called him the love of her life, but two children and six years later the two divorced. Divorce finalized February 2014

Jillian Barberie was once upon a time married to baseball player Bret Barberie. Their marriage lasted six years, from 1996 to 2002, and remained childless. We don’t know what led to the divorce, but it seems to have been a quiet affair, given that we usually hear about it when that’s not the case.

Jillian Barberie and her first husband Bret Barberie

Jillian decided to keep her marital name, because she achieved some popularity of her own and wanted to remain known by the name that went along with her celebrity status.

We don’t know how long Jillian dated husband number two Grant Reynolds, but we can assume that she was with him easily for a year or longer. The two married in a private ceremony in 2006. Soon their daughter Ruby was born and two years later son Rocco joined the family.

When you look back at pictures of the couple, they always look happy and smiling, and with their children they can be considered a picture perfect family. The two appeared on the show Househusbands of Hollywood together, which only ran for a season, but didn’t seem to have hurt their relationship, which broke apart long after the show was cancelled.

It’s nearly impossible to say why their marriage broke apart. Jillian announced the split on the same day that she filed for divorce. She was devastated at the end of their marriage, which she called a mutual decision.

Jillian Barberie and Grant Reynolds at a red carpet event

Her devastation is certainly understandable considering that she called Grant the love of her life when she married him. But something broke them apart and she never talked about what that might have been. Grant is a good-looking guy and he probably knows it, too. There are only a number of likely reasons, one of which could be adultery. But the two may simply have fallen out of love over time as well.

Jillian filed for sole physical custody of her two children, but requested shared legal custody. In the end they agreed on shared physical and legal custody, granting each the right to make decisions together regarding their children. They agreed to share all expenses for the children and both forfeited spousal support of any kind.

It seems all assets were shared equally, though Jillian retained the rights to Jillian Barberie Inc.

In the end their separation cannot really be explained. Jillian expressed her regret and called Grant a wonderful man in a statement. There’s no doubt they remain committed to their children and perhaps they even parted as friends.

Neither Jillian nor Grant are known to be dating anyone officially.


Jillian Barberie and Grant Reynolds with daughter Ruby

Jillian Barberie and Grant Reynolds with daughter Ruby & son Rocco

Jillian Barberie and Grant Reynolds look happy

Jillian Barberie and Grant Reynolds look great together


Jillian Barberie and Grant Reynolds snapped at an event