Jewel and Ty Murray are divorcing after they realized that they were growing apart instead of growing together

After sixteen years together, six of which married, Jewel and husband Ty Murray decided to divorce. They part as friends and co-parents in the most amicable way possible.

When you’ve been together for 16 years, it is not easy to part ways.

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Jewel met future-husband Ty Murray at a rodeo event in 1999. They moved in together very soon after that, but eloped only in 2008. A marriage that has been a long time coming is perhaps a step taken with care.

They probably didn’t have much of a honey moon phase at that point and Ty was quoted as saying that they had felt like a married couple for a long time, which can hardly be surprising. They simply put a ring on it.

In July 2011 they finally had son Kase. Another deliberate decision, no doubt. Whilst the birth was not without complication, Jewel considered herself extremely lucky and the young family was over the moon happy, both parents adoring their new-born son.

Given how stable a couple they seemed to be, fans were certainly surprised, perhaps heartbroken, when Jewel took to her blog to announce their decision to go separate ways. She went to great lengths to explain their situation, apparently so that fans would understand where the couple was coming from. Not many people with any claim to any sort of fame do that.

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But it allowed her to tell her story as she saw fit and not have the media endlessly speculate. Especially given that Jewel and Ty continued to be seen together after the announcement, never angry, always happy in their own way.

Sadly, Jewel said, she and Ty had realized that they were growing apart. There was no longer any room for them in their relationship to grow together and they realized the only way for them to continue to grow was individually.

It doesn’t seem as if the love between them ended. In fact, they appear to be best of friends still and are dedicated parents to their son, whom they wish to give the best possible experience during this process and who is their main concern. There does not seem to be any bad blood and, as with everything before, their divorce was a deliberate decision.

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Albeit a painful one. After 16 years together and all the ups and downs that come with a long-term relationship, it is sad to realize that the relationship has run its course and it’s best to end it. All the previously shared joy as a couple would now be a thing of the past.

Luckily the two seem to be very successful in keeping their friendship alive and they get joy out of raising their son together. When couples divorce it is often spoken of a failed marriage. That cannot be said of the marriage of Jewel and Ty Murray. They had a successful marriage in every way that matters. And they seem to be going in for a successful divorce.

If you have to face divorce, then try to make the best of the situation. Whilst theirs has yet to be finalized, they don’t seem to go in for complications and the process seems to run smoothly for them, with both of them doing as well as can be expected.

Let’s wish them luck, if nothing else.


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