Jennifer Esposito filed for divorce five months ago, but nobody knows how things are now

Jennifer Esposito has been married twice. Most famously she was married to Bradley Cooper for four months. Now she seems to be headed for her second divorce.

Divorce finalized November 2007

Back in 2006 Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper embarked on a whirlwind romance that set tongues wagging. Within a few months the two were not only engaged, but also married. They wed in a small ceremony in December 2006.

Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper dineout together

Four months later Jennifer filed for divorce, however. She cited simply ‘irreconcilable differences’ and her rep confirmed that the divorce was a mutual decision. Interestingly, Cooper’s representative even said that the couple had been separated for ‘quite a while’.

Considering that it’s difficult to claim that they had been married for a while, one has to wonder how long they had been separated already or how long that very short-lived marriage really lasted.

In the end it took longer to get divorced than it ever lasted to begin with. The divorce was finalized in November 2007. Apparently the exes had signed a pre-nuptial agreement and waived all rights to spousal support. When she had filed for divorce, Jennifer had actually asked for spousal support and she had also wanted Bradley to pay for her legal fees. In turn requests for spousal supports should be denied to him.

Jennifer Esposito with second husband Louis Dowler

In her auto-biography she alluded to an ex of hers, whom she called callous and cold and mean at times. And whilst she said that she saw a lot of red flags with him and didn’t even think that their relationship was going anywhere, she also said he was “funny, smart, cocky, arrogant, and a master manipulator.”

When it ended, it ended abruptly and badly. Many believed that she was talking about Bradley Cooper, though she didn’t actually name any names. But if the book was written chronologically, it would apparently fit the timeline, because she next spoke about a TV show she worked on in 2007.

Bradley himself didn’t say much about the divorce. In an interview with Howard Stern in 2011 he avoided going into any details. He merely said that it just happened and that he and Jennifer both realized that they shouldn’t be together and that was the end of that.

Whilst he has moved on to dating a string of other women, Jennifer also moved on to dating others. In 2014, then, she married once more. This time her chosen was model Louis Dowler. The two had even become partners in her bakery “Jennifer’s Way”.

Jennifer Esposito and Louis Dowler dayout

Jennifer has been struggling with celiac disease and her bakery produces and sells gluten-free products. Louis became an investor in her bakery, loaning her money that she needed to get started.

Earlier this year, however, he and other investors attempted a hostile takeover and a massive $43 million suit followed. In March this year she filed for divorce from Louis, citing “cruel and inhuman treatment”.

Whilst the $43 million suit was reportedly dismissed, it’s not entirely clear what the status on the divorce is. Since it usually takes six months between filing and finalized a divorce, it’s entirely possible that it will be finalized next month. But for now the status is somewhat unclear.

It seems unlikely that Jennifer would withdraw the divorce after what her husband tried to do. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out.


Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper look so made for each other

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