Jay Mohr’s divorce from Nikki Cox is first on and then off again – Now it is on again

Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox have been married for nearly 10 years before he filed for divorce for the first time. Within one week, however, he decided to give them another chance. Five months later he filed for divorce for the second time.

Once upon a time Jay Mohr was married to Nicole Chamberlain with whom he shares son Jackson. The pair was married for six years before they divorced. Then, in December 2006, Jay married Nikki Cox. The couple had a son in 2011.

Jay Mohr and ex-wife Nicole Chamberlain

Jay Mohr and ex-wife Nicole Chamberlain

Jay is a well known actor, though not a huge celebrity. Whenever he and Nikki appeared in public, the two seemed quite happy. Thanks to social media we know that they do like to proclaim their happiness publicly as well.

It was therefore somewhat shocking when Jay filed for divorce in July 2016. He cited irreconcilable differences and filed for an emergency petition for sole physical custody of their son. Apparently Nikki was suffering from depression and was self-medicating at the time. Jay reportedly believed that she could be a danger for herself and their son.

At the time the judge did not grant the petition right away, instead he scheduled a hearing for August so both sides could be heard.

Before it came to that, however, Jay withdrew his divorce petition. Only six days after the news of the impending divorce broke, proceedings were halted and Jay requested a dismissal. On social media he simply announced that there was no story other than one of love and nothing else should be written about. He called himself and his wife very much in love and very happy indeed. He posted a picture of the apparently once again happy couple alongside his declaration and that was that.

Nicole Chamberlain & Jay Mohr dayout with son

There was nothing more to it and, indeed, we did not hear anything else in the months following the divorce filing and the subsequent withdrawal.

Then, on December 13th, Jay once again filed for divorce. Again he cited irreconcilable differences, but this time he requested joint physical and legal custody for their son. This second filing came only two weeks ahead of the couple’s 10-year anniversary.

What prompted this second filing is unknown. It would appear that the reconciliation ended up being unsuccessful in the long run. It’s hardly the first time that a Hollywood couple that filed for divorce once and then withdrew the petition ends up divorcing after all. If previous issues cannot be resolved in the long run, it’s unlikely that the marriage will survive.

This time around Jay made no comment on social media and three weeks after the filing the petition is still on. We do know that a prenup exists and that it makes provisions for spousal support for Nikki in case of a divorce. It remains to be seen whether or not another reconciliation might be in the cards. We also don’t know whether the divorce is contentious or not. If it becomes so, the divorce may not be sorted any time soon.

For the sake of their son we can only hope that the estranged couple manages to resolve their differences amicably.

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