Jason Hoppy is apparently taking Bethenny Frankel for everything she has

Bethenny Frankel knew she shouldn’t have married Jason Hoppy. She also knew their relationship would end in divorce. But she had no idea how bad it would get. Divorce not yet finalized

Bethenny Frankel married Jason Hoppy in 2010 and gave birth to their daughter the same year. Only recently she admitted that she wasn’t even sure that she should marry him, listening to her friends rather than her gut instinct and eventually convincing herself that it was the right thing to do.Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Wedding

It was Bethenny who separated from Hoppy in December 2012, filing for divorce in January 2013. More than two years later the divorce is still not settled and looking at everything that has been said by Frankel and Hoppy, it seems very much like a he-said/she-said situation.

Allegations have been made by both parties and none were in any way flattering. Bethenny’s description of Jason’s behaviour sounds downright creepy. He allegedly wouldn’t leave her alone with her daughter and used to stare at her in weird ways.

After the split her allegedly played mind games with her when she tried to call him to speak to her daughter Bryn to say good night. He wouldn’t answer the call and her RHONY co-stars at least confirmed that she tried to call repeatedly without receiving answers.

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy romantic photoshoot

At the same time Jason seems to be quite protective of their daughter and was furious when Bethenny sent a moving van to their formerly shared Tribeca apartment, which upset Bryn so much that he called his lawyers, who contacted the judge, who also expressed his fury at Bethenny, who could’ve gone about moving her stuff out in a more discreet manner.

The custody at least was settled last year and by all appearances both parents share it equally, though Bethenny has to pay child support to Jason

Naturally money is a huge issue in their divorce settlement anyway. Bethenny’s net value far exceeds Jason’s. A judge even ordered her to pay his lawyer’s fees, which is somewhat ridiculous, because it seems pretty cruel to have one spouse foot the other’s bill during divorce proceedings, especially when they are as vindictive as these.

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There is also a fight going on over the Tribeca apartment. Bethenny was definitely the one who bought the apartment, but Jason was meant to look after it. The legalities about who owns the apartment and is therefore entitled to live there, keep it or sell it are complicated and messy.

Bethenny certainly doesn’t live there anymore and Jason doesn’t seem willing to give it up. A judge said that the apartment can’t be sold until everything has been sorted out in any case.

Chances are that Bethenny, who has already paid money to Jason, will have to settle on a larger amount, if she wants to be rid of her ex for good.

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Nobody needs a two-year divorce battle. It’s unfortunate that we only really hear Bethenny’s side of the story. And even that is somewhat muted, because she is not allowed to speak on many details for legal reasons. A judge would not be happy with her, if she were to wash her dirty laundry in public.

And Jason seems to be keeping quiet.

But their daughter has certainly suffered enough and it can only be hoped that her parents will finally settle their issues and move on.

Bethenny vowed to never get legally married again. She’s been dating, she said, but with what she’s been going through, she has no intention of getting married again. And nobody could possibly blame her.

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