Jason Aldean married the woman he cheated on his wife with and doesn’t care what you think

Jason Aldean was caught making out with another woman whilst being married. Later he divorced his wife and then married the woman he cheated on her with.

Divorce finalized in 2013

Jason Aldean married Jessica Ussery in 2001. The two had been together since they had been teenagers. They had two daughters together and were long considered to be a happy couple. In 2012, however, their relationship became rocky and when Jason was seen making out with another woman, things appeared to have hit rock bottom. The woman in question was Brittany Kerr, who had participated in American Idol in 2012.

Jessica Ussery-Jason Aldean's ex-wife

Photographic evidence made the rounds very quickly and Jason had to issue a public apology. He admitted later that he and Jessica had been having problems at the time and were unhappy. Whilst the incident didn’t tear the couple apart right away, it only took seven months before divorce was filed. Interestingly it was Jason who filed.

We don’t know any details about the divorce. It was probably finalized by the end of 2013 as it had been filed in April that year. It was not necessarily contentious, because we didn’t hear anything to that effect. But perhaps Jason and Jessica simply managed to keep things quiet.

We can assume that the estranged couple agreed on spousal support as well as child support and some sort of shared custody agreement. Jessica is very likely the primary caretaker of the couple’s daughters, because Jason tends to be on tour a lot.

Brittany Kerr-Jason Aldean's current wife

In March 2014 Jason had his first public appearance with Brittany Kerr as his girlfriend at the CMT Awards. Yes indeed, Jason began dating the woman that he essentially cheated on his wife with. Whilst the two had simply been kissing when they first met, the interest went clearly a lot further than that.

But Jason’s fans weren’t exactly happy with him. They gave him a lot of grief on social media, which extended to Brittany as well. She was called a home wrecker at best and a lot worse than that. She ended up deleting her Twitter account to get away from the abuse.

Naturally Jason wasn’t happy about any of it and finally had enough, telling everyone off who had anything bad to say about the situation. He made very clear that nobody had the right to judge him. Nobody but he and Jessica had been privy to their marriage and it was nobody’s business but theirs.

Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean chill out

In September 2014 he and Brittany announced their engagement and in March 2015 they were married. Clearly he had no regrets about what happened. He confirmed that he loved his new wife and that he was very happy indeed. Ultimately Brittany was merely a catalyst for something that had been brewing for a while. Jason may not even have expected or hoped that he would end up marrying her.

It’s not unusual for childhood sweethearts to part ways after a decade or two together. Perhaps Jason’s and Jessica’s marriage had run its course. And it’s not as if Jason was the only one who moved on.

Jessica remarried in October last year, though her new husband is nowhere near as famous as the first one was.

What matters is that both Jason and Jessica are happy in their new relationships. And that their children are happy as well.

Jason and Brittany want to have kids as well and if anyone thinks that they can keep giving them flak for being in love, then Jason will only tell them that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

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Jessica Ussery and Jason Aldean snapped at an event

Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean snapped at an event

Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean say cheese

Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean look great together


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