Will Jana Kramer’s third marriage outlast her two previous ones and not end in divorce?

Jana Kramer’s list of failed relationships is rather long. At 31 she is twice divorced, has broken off one engagement and is now married for a third time. Will she be luckier this time around? Divorce from Johnathon Schaech finalized in June 2011

Jana Kramer was first married to actor Michael Gambino in 2004. The pair lasted only a few months before calling it quits and getting divorced. Jana was 21 at the time and perhaps one could still blame it on her youth.


By 2009 she was engaged to Johnathon Schaech, who was fourteen years older than her and had previously been married to Christina Applegate. The pair married over the 4th of July weekend in the year 2011. In photos the couple was always smiling.

Apparently Jana moved in with Johnathon, but it was reported that she didn’t like living in his bachelor pad. Given that the couple was engaged for at least seven months, one would think that the living situation would have come up at some point and may have been subject to change. Jana had moved in with Johnathon long before the two were married.

Yet, still they married without addressing this problem, if indeed it was an issue that contributed to the split. Their age gap was apparently also behind her decision to end the relationship. But again, she would have to have been aware of that for as long as they had been together.

In August 2010 the news broke that the couple had split. When the divorce was finalized ten months later, it became clear that the couple had broken up only 12 days after the marriage.


It makes one wonder why they went through all the trouble of getting married, spending money, inviting friends and family (if that was what they did) just to be faced with the bigger issue of having to get divorced again.

It had been the second marriage for both of them and by that point they were certainly both old enough to know better. At least the divorce went over fairly smoothly. Both waived their right to spousal support and simply went separate ways.

In 2012 Jana met fellow country music star Brantley Gilbert to whom she was engaged seven months later. Another seven months after their engagement, the couple called it quits, apparently due to their busy schedules, both being on tour and much more apart than together.


A cheating rumor briefly made the rounds, but was shot down quickly. The pair had simply decided to do what was best for them. Since there was no way for them to be together, they decided to be apart.

Later in 2013 Jana was briefly rumored to be dating Scott Eastwood, but nothing seems to have come of the union, if ever it was.

In August 2014 Jana began dating football player Michael Caussin. In true form, never much wasting any time in her relationships, the pair was engaged before 2014 was over. They were married on the 22nd of May 2015, just a few weeks ago.

Obviously it’s much too early to make a prognosis on their marriage. They have known each other less than a year and are hopefully still in their honeymoon phase. We will, no doubt, hear more about the young couple and maybe Jana will work on this one a little harder. Perhaps there will even be children.

Jana’s ex-husband Johnathon Schaech married his then-pregnant girlfriend back in 2013. Their son arrived shortly thereafter and the couple has been going strong. At least he seems to have found lasting happiness.

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