Twice divorced Jamie Yeo has no luck being married to men who are too different from her

Jamie Yeo has been married and divorced twice. After her second divorce was announced, she also apologized to her first ex-husband for having caused their divorce. Divorce finalized in 2015

Jamie Yeo was first married to Glenn Ong. The two had been together since about 2001 and tied the knot in 2004. But four years later the marriage broke down and was divorced in 2009.

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Glenn has been believed to have cheated on Jamie pretty much ever since and has been called all kinds of names for doing something that has only ever been alleged, but never been confirmed. It would seem that it hadn’t even been Jamie who had said anything along those lines.

It surprised Glenn therefore to no end that Jamie publicly apologized to him last year and admitted that their divorce had been her fault. Glenn said that she had previously apologized to him in private when she had told him about her pregnancy. So for him it was already an old story, but it certainly didn’t hurt to also have an apology on record.

We don’t know why the two separated in the end. Jamie took the blame and clearly she did something that warranted a divorce. Or perhaps the two were simply too incompatible, something that Jamie obviously considered her fault, if that was the case. We don’t know and Glenn didn’t dwell on the subject or elaborated further.

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He has long since moved on anyway and is happily partnered up with a co-worker.

Jamie moved on from her marriage as well and began dating Brit Thorsten Nolte in 2009, the same year her first divorce came through. Whilst she hadn’t planned on dating somebody else so soon after her divorce, Thorsten had been a good-looking guy and Jamie had thought that it wouldn’t hurt to have a good time with him.

She didn’t expect that he would propose to her a year later, even though they had talked about getting married. But that had been theoretical at the time. Obviously she accepted his proposal and soon enough they were married. Then followed the birth of their daughter and one would have hoped that happiness would prevail.

Jamie Yeo poses with second husband Brit Thorsten Nolte

But by April 2014 the marriage had broken down to a point that the two separated and Thorsten moved out of the marital home. Jamie later said that they decided to take that step when they realized how unhappy their unhappiness made their daughter.

During their separation they did try to work things out through marriage counselling and therapy, but it was to no avail. Whatever issues prevailed between them, they proved insurmountable. The two were simply not compatible in their personalities, which caused a lot of friction.

Whilst opposites do attract, there has to be a common ground as well. It seems Jamie and Thorsten were unable to find that common ground. They divorced in 2015 and share custody of their daughter.

Thorsten has moved on and has been known to be dating somebody new. He denied that he cheated on his ex-wife with his new girlfriend, however, instead the two had been set up by a mutual friend and simply clicked.

Jamie is not known to be dating anyone at this time. Perhaps a time-out from relationships is not a bad thing for her, because she did have two of them back to back and both ended in divorce.


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