Jamie White and Tom Welling may well be divorced already without anyone knowing

Tom Welling married Jamie White in 2002. She filed for divorce late in 2013, but if they are actually divorced yet is anyone’s guess.

The pair reportedly met in a coffee shop in Miami in 1998. It took them four years to walk down the aisle and at the time Tom was already gaining fame for his portrayal of a young Superman on the show Smallville.

Tom Welling & Jamie White all smiles

The couple lived for the duration of the filming of the show in Vancouver, which made up the longest time of their marriage. Once the show was over in 2011 they moved back to L.A. and only a year after that the couple separated.

Finally in October 2013 Jamie filed for divorce, citing nothing more exciting than irreconcilable differences.

The timeline is noteworthy, mind you.

His role on Smallville was thus far the biggest of Tom’s career and he is now 38. Looking at his recent work, not much has been happening. How does a couple, who lives happily in Vancouver during the busiest and most exciting time of his career, end up divorcing once they return to the centre of the film industry in L.A.?

Tom Welling & Jamie White snapped

Tom is a private man and doesn’t want to be a celebrity at all. Los Angeles is not exactly conducive to that. But is there a chance his career slumped because he was too recognizable as young Clark Kent? He’s changed since then and looks a lot more mature these days, but the lack of continuous engagements must have taken their toll on him and consequently on his marriage.

It is rare enough that an actor/model relationship lasts long, but those two managed to be together for 14 years before separating. Can we truly consider the timing of their split a coincidence? Probably not.

Given that Jamie filed for divorce two years ago now, it should be rather surprising that they are still not divorced. But they also don’t seem to be together still, because Tom made his last red carpet appearance at the beginning of this year by himself.

Jamie White and Tom Welling in casuals

So are they already divorced?

Again, Tom doesn’t like to give interviews; he just wants to do his job, so he’s not likely to let us know. Perhaps he’s sunken too much into obscurity now for anyone to truly make the effort to find out what the status of their divorce is. It’s not likely to be contentious. They’ve been separated for ten month before Jamie filed and apart from asking for spousal support, they would just divide their assets. They have no children to consider, which is a little surprising after such a long relationship, but perhaps they didn’t want children.

Or perhaps that’s another reason their relationship ended. That happens frequently when one partner wants children and the other one does not. But it’s impossible to know who might have wanted them and who didn’t.

Unless either one of them starts dating again and happens to be spotted by a fan, who then tweets it on, we might not know for a long time. One way or another we can only hope that these two find happiness once more.

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Tom Welling & Jamie White at an Awards

Jamie White and Tom Welling look happy

Tom Welling & Jamie White say cheese