James Brolin and Barbra Streisand don’t seem to be divorcing anytime soon

No matter what age Hollywood stars are, divorce rumours are spread even when the likelihood of an actual divorce is nil. Case in point: James Brolin and Barbra Streisand.

At age 73 it doesn’t seem very likely that Barbra Streisand would divorce her 75-year old husband James Brolin. You would expect that people of that age would look beyond little indiscretions and that they know how to handle themselves and their marriage.

James Brolin and Barbra Streisand at the 40th anniversary chaplin award gala

The two met in 1997 and James fell for Barbra almost immediately. Or so the story goes. Barbra pretty much confirmed it, too. She bluntly gave him a piece of her mind when they met and he appreciated her honesty.

It took her a little longer to be sure about the two-time divorcee, but eventually she married him in 1998. Her one failed marriage to Elliott Gould was long in the past and if you meet someone in your fifties and find you can walk down the aisle with them, it’s perhaps a good move.

Nobody wants to grow old alone.

Last year the couple faced some rumours about an impending divorce, but it would appear the two were the last to learn about it. Barbra even told about an encounter in a supermarket with a fan, who told her and James that he was glad to see them back together. Barbra asked him when they had been apart.

Barbra Streisand & James Brolin intimiate moment

Tabloids will chase any rumour as long as the names involved are big enough. The rumours don’t even have to be particularly juicy.

It was said that James was fed up with Barbra’s demanding work schedule. Granted, at her age she might want to slow down a little, but she’s a woman whose work is her life, so it’s not much of a surprise that retirement is not exactly on her mind.

Barbra knows that marriage takes work and she said that she and James work on in continuously. They won’t let the spark go out, not even after 17 years of marriage, and they are still holding hands.

It’s also been claimed that Barbra exploded at James, because he ogled Kim Kardashian’s ample breasts at an event they both happened to attend. The man should be excused for that, if indeed it happened, because there are few living beings who wouldn’t be looking at Kim’s assets given how she usually flaunts them.

Ultimately James and Barbra appear to be happy and deny that they are headed for divorce. Whilst age is no definitive indicator of the likelihood of divorce, usually people beyond a certain age are less likely to call it quits.

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