Jake Owen still believes in love even though he is divorcing Lacey

Jake Owen is another country music star, who separated from his wife last year. But the divorce doesn’t mean the love ended. Things just didn’t work out for the couple.

Country music couples received quite a few hits last year with several of its biggest stars facing divorce. Whilst Country isn’t inherently about love or heartbreak, both themes do come up frequently in songs.

Lacey Buchanan & Jake Owen look happy

Jake Owen has certainly covered both.

The handsome singer married his now estranged wife Lacey in May 2012. He had proposed to her on stage, and without a ring, only a month earlier. And six months later their daughter Olive Pearl was born. That might explain the speediness of their wedding.

For a while Jake likely considered himself one of the luckiest people alive. He gushed about his wife. He elatedly spoke about his daughter. He was happy.

In July 2015 we learned that not all was well between him and his wife, though. He candidly spoke about the rift that had opened up between them. There was a lack of communication for quite some time and when they eventually talked about their problems, they also talked about divorce.

Lacey Buchanan & Jake Owen selfie with daughter Olive Pearl

Jake said at the time that he wouldn’t usually talk about his personal business, because it was nobody’s business but his and his wife’s. But then he realized that many other people probably went through similar situations and he wanted them to know that they weren’t alone and that he and his wife struggled just the same.

Whilst he admitted that it made him and his wife feel better to put things out in the open and share the things they’d kept from each other, he didn’t divulge if they had arrived at some sort of solution.

Lacey Buchanan & Jake Owen say cheese

That question was answered a month later, when he chose to use Twitter to make the announcement that he and his wife had decided to end their marriage. It wasn’t just a separation; it was definitely the end of it. He added that the couple’s primary concern was their daughter Pearl, of course, and that they requested privacy.

A day after he made the announcement, he had a concert and proclaimed on stage that he didn’t love anyone in the world more than he loved his wife and daughter. But he also said that this was the end of the line and that they were divorcing. But just because a marriage ends, the love doesn’t necessarily do so as well.

Jake has spoken about that repeatedly. He did say deciding to divorce was the hardest thing he had ever done. The remainder of 2015 wasn’t easy for him, especially emotionally.

Then his estranged wife moved back to Florida, where her friends and family are, and she took Pearl with her. Jake supported the move, not matter how difficult it is for him not to see his daughter every day. He said that Florida was Lacey’s home and it made sense for her to be there.

Whilst we don’t know that a divorce has been filed or even finalized, we do know that Jake is feeling happy once more. Recently he spent almost an entire week with his daughter and other family members for Father’s Day in the US. Reconciliation doesn’t seem to be in the cards, but Jake is also not known to be dating anyone just yet. That’ll come later.

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Jake Owen and wife Lacey Buchanan arrive at the 2014 CMT Music Awards

Lacey Buchanan & Jake Owen announce good news

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